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*closed* Pakjesavond!!! Let’s give away some discount!


Winners have been announced om my Facebook page and all received their discount code in their message inbox!


As you may know I work together with Enchantra these days. They provide me with some of my favourite products in their webshop and I link to them , that’s basically how our evil scheme works. And last week I gopakjesavond-zakt an email from Linda, asking me if I wanted to give away some discount to my followers. Well, duh!

This might need some explanation: in the Netherlands we have a celebration on the 5th of december, we celebrate Sinterklaas, not to be confused with Santa Clause because that’s a different thing. Sinterklaas is a party for kids. And we celebrate it by munching on lots of chocolate, delicious kruidnoten (the little cookie ball things you see on the picture above) or pepernoten and of coures: presents!
And that’s what this little giveaway is for. You like?

I’ll let you know how it works: I’m giving away 6 discount codes to 6 people. There are 2 codes with 25% discount, 2 codes with 20% discount and 2 codes with free shipping. Here’s the kicker: I have no clue which code gives which discount. 😀 Please note: all codes can be used internationally, the free shipping codes can only be used in all of Europe.

You don’t have to do a lot to get a chance of winning, just follow my Facebook page. That’s it!
On december 5th I’ll pick 6 winners of the discount codes and contact them. If you want to, I’d love to know what product from the Enchantra webshop you would but if you would be one of the lucky winners, but that’s just for fun and you don’t have to do that in order to win.

So let me know in the comments of you already follow my Facebook page, I’d love to know and it gives me some insight in how people got to know about my blog.


Winner of the “1000 Facebook likes” giveaway

Quick post about the giveaway: it’s closed by now and I randomly picked a winner. Well, of course I didn’t pick someone myself, I went through the list of people that entered and checked if they did all the things they had to do and then I entered that list to a generator.

and the winner is

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1000+ likes on my Facebook page calles for a giveaway!!

I never thought I’d get this many likes: 1000. To me that was an unreachable goal, but somehow it still happened!!

high fve, woohoo

It’s kinda weird, to me that more than 1000 people all over the world have seen my looks. I’ve been less active with blogging lately because of various reasons, but I just couldn’t let this pass without celebrating a little bit.
So I bought some stuff myself but also asked the kind people of Kruidvat if they could help me out put together a giveaway. And they did, how great are they? So with a lot of help from Kruidvat I got these goodies together. I hope you like them.

I give away a big package with loads of goodies so if you win, you get all of this:

1000 likes giveaway

Wonder what it all is?

  • Essence Vintage Districe Blush, It’s Popul-art
  • Catrice Ultimate Moisture Foundation, Sand
  • Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil, I Have A Green
  • Essence Eyeshadow Applicators
  • Essence I Love Style Liquid Eyeliner
  • Catrice Volume Plus+ Lenght Mascara
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer
  • Essence All-in-one BB Cream, 01 Universal
  • Essence Lash Mania Ultra Volume Mascara, Hypnotic Black
  • NYC KissGloss, Murray Hill Melon
  • Catrice Matt Mousse, Light Beige
  • Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick, Play The Plum
  • Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss, My Favorite Milkshake
  • Essence Stay Natural Concealer, Soft Beige
  • Catrice Lip Appeal Lipgloss, Neil’s Arms Are Strong
  • Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder, Rose Beige
  • Catrice Absolute Eye Colour, Talk Like An Egyptian
  • Catrice Absolute Eye Colour, Ooops… Nude Did It Again
  • Catrice Re-touch Light-Reflecting Concealer, Ivory
  • Essence Make-up Bag
  • Catrice Powder Brush
  • Gosh BB Cream, Chestnut
  • Essence Sun Club Glamour To Go Eyeshadow, South Beach
  • Essence Pigment, Fairy Dust
  • Essence Pigment, Miss Piggy’s Lollipop
  • Essence Pigment, Kiss The Frog

Wow, that’s a longer list then I thought it would be, lol. So the lucky winner of the giveaway wins all of this. Yay 😀

Let me sum up the rules:

  • Giveaway is open internationally
  • Follow my page on Facebook (mandatory)
  • Share this giveaway on your Facebook (mandatory) and show the link in the comments.
  • Follow me on Twitter (not mandatory)
  • Let me know in the same comment what product of this giveaway you like most and where you are from. Just because… I’d love to know 😀
  • And in that same comment, leave your email address like this: you [at] email [dot] com
  • No unfollowing the moment this giveaway is over. Sure, I can’t check on that. But if I find out you did it anyway, you’re banned from all future giveaways. And it’s just rude, you don’t want to be rude, am I right?


That’s right, if you want to have a better chance of winning this big prize you can:

  • Make me a banner to use on my Facebook page. It has to be related to my blog and to my looks. You can use pictures of my looks and make a logo or… Well basically anything you feel like. Email it to me at and also let me know in the comments that you did this.
    This earns you 2 extra chances at winning.
  • Do a makeup look inspired by one of my looks. It doesn’t have to be perfect but the pictures have to be clear and they can’t be old pictures that you re-use for this giveaway. So make sure you make at least one picture with “Lisanne blogt” on a card or written on your face or something as you wear the look. That way I know you made it for this giveaway. Also make sure you let me know which look was the inspiration for your look. Email your pictures to me at and let me know in the comments that you did this.
    This earns you 3 extra chances at getting chosen as the winner.

The giveaway will end at april 1st and I’ll choose a winner after that. I will email the winner but if they don’t respond to my email within 24 hours I’ll choose another winner so keep an eye on your inbox!

I hope you like the prize and thanks so much to everybody for following me. 😀

Over 500 Twitter followers celebration!

Yaaaay I made 500 followers on Twitter!

I was shocked when I had reached 400 followers but all of a sudden it’s 500 and today it’s 514, whoah!!
So this giveaway is for all of my Twitter followers, I’m going to do another “Follow and retweet” giveaway because those are pretty simple and anybody can join without having to do too much for it.


Here are the products you can win:

  • Gosh X-ceptional Wear Foundation in colour Chestnut
  • Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil in colour Black Fever
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in colour Darling
  • Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner in colour 02
  • Gosh Effect Powder in colour Bluebell
  • Essence Colour & Go Nailpolish in colour Princess Prunella
  • Gosh Click & Conceal in colour 01 Light
  • Gosh Eye Liner Pen in colour Black

I know Gosh is not as easily purchased in the US and other countries as it is in Holland and because I have a lot of double products I figured I could make someone happy with it. 🙂

Here are the rules for this giveaway

– Giveaway is open internationally, you can only enter if you’re over 18 or have permission from your parents

– Follow me on Twitter, this one is mandatory. Let me know your Twitter name in the comments and please Tweet about my giveaway. Make sure you mention @Lisanneblogt in your Tweet and let people know this is a “Follow and RT” giveaway, if you don’t mention my name I won’t be able to see it. Just to make sure I see you’ve tweeted, you can leave the link in a comment below.
You can Tweet something like “Follow @Lisanneblogt and win some awesome prizes, read the blogpost here , please Follow and RT”.

– I’d also be very happy if you follow me on Bloglovin, let me know in the comments. This isn’t mandatory but since I don’t update every day, Bloglovin’ is your friend if you want to see any of my new blogs.

– Give me a picture of something you think I could use as inspiration. It can be anything, pictures of a forest, universe pictures, advertisements you’ve seen, make-up pictures, you name it. As long as you think it would be fun to use for a make-up look. This also isn’t mandatory but it would be very much fun because I really do intent to use the pictures you guys send me. 😀

– It might take some time before your comment will show because WordPress usually thinks comments with URL’s are spam, but I’ll try to get all of your comments out of the spam filter as soon as possible.

– Giveaway ends on august 15th. After that I’ll announce the winner on Twitter.

Thanks so much to everybody for following me and if I ever make it to 600 followers, there will be another giveaway. 😀

*CLOSED* Quick Twitter giveaway

Woohoo, I got 450 followers on Twitter! It’s pretty awesome to me to have so many followers in such a relative short period of time so I decided to do a quick giveaway for it. These are all products from our local drugstore

  • Gosh Click ‘n Conceal concealer pen, colour 02 Medium
  • Gosh Diamond Rock Eyeshadow Trio
  • Essence Colour & Shine Eyeshadow, colour 12 Milky Way
  • Essence Clear & Matt Foundation, colour Sand
  • Essence Mosaic Compact Powder, colour Sunkissed Beauty
  • NYC Eyeshadow, colour 912 5th Avenue

These products will be sent to you in a bubble envelope, no packages because that’s a whole lot more expensive for me.

How you enter:

  • Follow me on Twitter.
  • Retweet about this giveaway. It doesn’t have to be the same sentence but you can write something like “Follow @Lisanneblogt and RT about this giveaway and maybe you’ll win these goodies! “.
  • Giveaway is open internationally.
  • Giveaway is closed on the 4th of July.
  • You don’t have to comment on this blogpost but I sure do appreciate every comment I get. 🙂

If I reach 500 followers I’ll do another giveaway. 😀

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