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Autumn Golden Purple

I told you about my idea to do more autumn inspired looks on my Facebook page and I started searching for pictures right away. I ran into this beauty pretty fast.

Purple autumn leaves with light gold

Isn’t it stunning? As you probably all know I’m a sucker for purple and combined with this light golden colour it’s really stunning to me. So I got out my palettes and tried to recreate something like this on my eyelids. Or actually, eyelid, because I only did one eye. I did make fullface pictures though.

I loved this look so much that I decided not to just upload it on my Facebook page but to also make a blogpost out of it. I really hope you like it too. 🙂

Autumn Golden and Purple1 by Lisanne Blogt

I basically got out all my purples and trust me: that’s a LOT! I pretty soon decided not to go overboard with all kinds of different shades. I really wanted it to be rich and dark and… well, autumny. I also thought the colours purple on the inspirational picture were pretty warm and pink toned so I tried to select those colours in my range of purples too.

Autumn Golden and Purple by Lisanne Blogt

Autumn Golden and Purple3 by Lisanne Blogt

I used some colours of my favourite brand again: Sugarpill.
Their Poison Plum is pretty much the perfect shade of purple for what I had in mind. Later I also added Hysteric to the middle part of the moving lid to make it a bit lighter. And since it’s a look with some gold in it, I couldn’t resist using a tiny bit of Goldilux too. I mixed Goldilux with a pale gold from my Sleek Safari palette to get a better tone of gold.

Autumn Golden and Purple5 by Lisanne Blogt

I also used my MAC Push The Edge pigment and Urban Decay Rockstar pigments. Those are the darkest purple pigments I have and it really created some depth and tone that I was looking for. It also added the tiny bit of glitter in the outer corner and I liked that too, even though I tried to contain myself. Once I get going with the sparkles I usually tend to go overboard, lol.

Autumn Golden and Purple6 by Lisanne Blogt

Autumn Golden and Purple7 by Lisanne Blogt

As you can see I also added the gold from Goldilux to my waterline to really get that golden accent to sparkle the way it does in the picture that inspired all this. I added some liquid liner but I tried to keep it at a thin line so it wouldn’t go over all the purple goodness. 🙂

And like I said: some fullface pictures with just the one eye. I didn’t feel like doing both eyes because I was going to take it all off after this anyway. But I did want to show it with some lipstick. I first thought I’d do a dark lipstick with it but when I got to the lipstick I figured that would be too much. So I used a darker shade of rose I still have from an old range of Catrice lippies called Burgundy.

Autumn Golden and Purple fullface1 by Lisanne Blogt

Autumn Golden with Purple fullface 2 by Lisanne Blogt

I just adore this look, what do you think?

The next look in this series might have to wait a couple of days because in the upcoming days I have a lot of fun stuff planned. My love and I are going to the Efteling with both our parents tomorrow and after that we have a lot of visits to friends planned. We’re bascially going to tour through all the Netherlands, lol. We just got home from our vacation in Macedonia and we have some days off work left so we decided to use them to cram full of fun stuff. Yay 😀

I do think I’ll do another blogpost about the upcoming autumn looks. Are there any colours you really want to see in this series? Please let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page!


Prince @#$%!ing Charming

I’ve been in a “yay it’s almost spring” mood for about a week. Even though it’s quite early, the weather is great around here and I’m so happy the end of winter is in sight. I was dreading the snow and the freezing cold and somehow we skipped that part this year. It’s basically been a really, really really long autumn and I’m not one bit disappointed that we skipped the icy cold part of winter.

Anyway, because I was in a happy-happy-joy-joy-mood I wanted to do an intense look with glitterrrrrr. And some red, silver and blue. Here’s what happened.

Prince @#$%!ing Charming

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The magpie and the cobra

Woohoo, it’s december 5th!! That might not mean anything to you but in the Netherlands it’s a holiday called Sinterklaas. It’s mostly a kids holiday but a lot of families celebrate it, wether they still believe in Sinterklaas or not. Anything for a party, right?

I still had some blogposts almost ready and I really wanted to get this one online fast because it’s with one of the glitterliners from the Breaking Dawn part 2 collection and… well I really like it. I hope you do to!

This is how my thought process went for this look, or actually a lot of times when I’m working on a makeup look:
“Hmm, let’s do something simple. Don’t feel like doing a complicated look”
“So many pretty colours to choose from, yeah baby.”
“Maybe I could do something more fun with the shape.”
“Shape looks nice but it all looks boring, how can I spice this up?”
“How about a nice extended winged liner”
“Starting to like it”
“Oh I see what I’m missing, NEEDS SPARKLES!!”
“Yeah, me likey”
“Oh I like that one too, use ALL the glitter!!!!!”
“I look like a discoball”
That about sums it up…

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WOW, it’s bright!

Remember I wrote about the upcoming Essence pigments? Well, they have been in store for some time now and I’ve only bought a few, I’m thinking about collecting them all but I’m just giving myself a little time because it’s not like I’m in dire need of more pigments, I already have too many as it is. So I only bought 3 colours and one of them is WOW, it’s orange!

This colour is gorgeous, although I don’t really agree on the name, it’s more of a coral colour on acid. Insanely bright and sure, the base is a bit orangy but it has an intense pinkish tone to it. And when you look really good it also has something golden in it, very beautiful!

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Tragic death of a peacock

I was browsing my Facebook page and I stumbled upon a great page that forwards the most amazing pictures, called The Macabre And the Beautifully Grotesque. When I saw this picture below I was in awe, so gorgeous and somehow pretty sad and tragic.

This was made byMarc Dantan and you can find more of his work *here*. I have no idea what it’s called but it is truly beautiful, my imagination goes wild for pictures like this, looking for a story behind it. To me it looks like the peacock is about to die because if the way the feathers look a bit dull, like most of the life has flowed out of them and the bird is just waiting for what’s about to come, knowing it will come soon enough. No longer being able to strut around parading it’s beauty, maybe even hoping for it to be over because of sadness or pain.

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