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Tutorial: Quite Colorful Quetzal

At Linda’s request I made a tutorial for the Quite Colorful Quetzal look. She liked the colour combination and she also provided me with the perfect blue/teal colour for it! When I made the original look, I had to mix a lot of colours to get close to the colour of the bird and she mentioned Sugarpill’s Darling might just be perfect for the job.

When I received Darling I was pretty sure this would fit perfectly so I got to work right away. I used some other products from the original look but that only makes this tutorial easier than it originally was. I also made it a bit lighter but that’s just to make it a bit more wearable, just pile on some more colour if you want this look to be more smokey.

I’m sorry about the quality of some pictures, they are not always a 100% sharp. I didn’t take too many pictures of each step and because of that I sometimes only had a choice out of 3 pictures, none of them being entirely sharp. My battery was almost empty so a lesson for next time: recharge battery first!

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Tutorial: Rockchick From A Galaxy Far Away

A long long time ago I did *this* look and I got a lot of questions on Facebook and Twitter for a tutorial. It didn’t take me a lot of time to make the pictures but I’ve been procrastinating to write the text.

Anyway, it’s done now and I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s not very difficult and you can make it with other products too. As long as you have a black eyeshadow and some glitter eyeshadows or a glitterliner it should work just fine.

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Tutorial Peacock Made Of Liquid Gold

I made this tutorial because I wanted to use some more of my MakeUp Geek products together and these colours combine fantastic!

It’s really not such a different look from all the other ones I made a tutorial for, especially because it’s with a glitterliner again. But I still hope you enjoy it.

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Early Spring tutorial

Like I said in the blogpost about this look: I also made a tutorial for it!

It took me a while to get it finished but here it finally is. I’m just glad I finished it before spring is over because I tend to put things like these off: they’re a lot more work than a blogpost about a look. I hope you like it!

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Tutorial: Hummingbird Villain

When I made this look I had enough time to do a tutorial for it. It always takes a lot of time, not only to make all the pictures but also to crop them and to write the different steps. Even though I’m always happy with the result when it comes to these tutorials, I don’t make them nearly enough. I should really change that but realistically, I don’t think it will, lol.

But for now, let’s just be happy I finished this sucker right here. I hope you like it!

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