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Early Spring tutorial

Like I said in the blogpost about this look: I also made a tutorial for it!

It took me a while to get it finished but here it finally is. I’m just glad I finished it before spring is over because I tend to put things like these off: they’re a lot more work than a blogpost about a look. I hope you like it!

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Early spring

I made this look with spring in mind, obviously. When I was riding my bike to work I saw a crocus field and those flowers always make me happy. They’re the promise of spring to me, and spring means sun, warmth, long days, warm nights, sitting outside, cocktails in the sun and all the other good stuff the spring and summer bring.
I thought that was a nice inspiration for a look. And I had some time left so I also made a tutorial but I’m still working on it, I hope to get that one online in a couple of days.

crocus flowers

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Sparkling falsies

I know my blog has been a bit quiet lately. I’m not feeling great, stress at work and stuff like that. So I might have some more gaps in updating but please just follow my Facebook page or Bloglovin so you can always see new updates.

My skin has been calming down a lot lately and I thought it was about time I cracked open the sparkles again.
So I got some of my favourite Sugarpill eyeshadows and workd out a look I’ve had in mind for some time. It was inspired by *this look* from Gina the Makeup Artist. But I used different colours and lots of sparkles.
I needed a good glitterfix after all those weeks of barely using any glitter at all.

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Purple snakeskin

Somehow this look completely got erased from my memory. I thought I had already put it online but I didnt, oops!

I made this look when a couple of our friends came over to our house, I was wearing my purple snakeskin dress so I had to make a purple look to match it.

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A Poison Weekender with a Golden Core

On the Sugarpill Facebook page I see so many amazing looks that I can’t help myself but get inspired. There have been quite some looks with some of their purple colours and Goldilux, a combination I adore. So I wanted to do something like that, with a lot of Sugarpill products.

I really liked the result and it wasn’t until a few weeks later that I started to crop the pictures but I still love this look. Goldilux is absolutely the most beautiful golden eyeshadow I have ever seen. Ever!! Look at the pictures, I think they mixed pure sunshine in this eyeshadow or something…

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