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Luminous Magpie

I don’t remember exactly what the inspiration for this look was but I’m in a very “dark makeup” kind of mood lately. I guess I wanted to lighten up the look a bit with Sugarpill Lumi but still, dark gloomy autumny look ahead!

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Tutorial: Rockchick From A Galaxy Far Away

A long long time ago I did *this* look and I got a lot of questions on Facebook and Twitter for a tutorial. It didn’t take me a lot of time to make the pictures but I’ve been procrastinating to write the text.

Anyway, it’s done now and I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s not very difficult and you can make it with other products too. As long as you have a black eyeshadow and some glitter eyeshadows or a glitterliner it should work just fine.

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Rockchick From A Galaxy Far Away

This look looks pretty easy and in fact I started over 2 times to get it right. I had something completely different in mind when I begun… again.

I wanted to use my new glitterliner from MakeUp Store called Kayo and I thought it would look nice with Sugarpill Stella because that pigment is black with awesome glitters.

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Acid silver

I was in the mood for green zo I wanted to do another look. I’ve been doing those a lot less lately, simply because I just spend a lot of time on other stuff. First I was going for green and gold but every time I use gold I go for Goldilux and I felt like doing something with more cool toned colours, so I grabbed a silver pigment from Gosh this time.

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Purple snakeskin

Somehow this look completely got erased from my memory. I thought I had already put it online but I didnt, oops!

I made this look when a couple of our friends came over to our house, I was wearing my purple snakeskin dress so I had to make a purple look to match it.

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