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Cloudy Rainbow

I made this look with 2 of my favourite brands: Sugarpill and MakeUp Geek. I also adore my Sleek makeup palettes so they bascially share a top 3 together.

My initial idea was to stay with the orange, pink and plummy colours from my MakeUp Geek pigments but then I added some colours from my Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette and well… that’s when things became rainbow…ish.
The MakeUp Geek pigments are Afterglow, Enchanted and a bit of New Years Eve.

Cloudy Rainbow

Cloudy Rainbow3

I really like the combination of colours I used under the eye: Sugarpill Olivia, Mochi and Velocity. It’s not a load of colour but it’s enough to stand out. And I used Sugarpill’s Asteria on the moving lid and Poison Plum and 2AM in the crease and Diamond Eyes under the brow.

Cloudy Rainbow4

Cloudy Rainbow5

Cloudy Rainbow3

This time I didn’t use any eyeliner, I used black eyeshadow at the lashline and I really like that effect. It’s a lot more smokey. 🙂

Cloudy Rainbow6

Cloudy Rainbow7

I didn’t use a lot of colour on the lips, figured I’d keep those light for a change. I like dark lips and dark eyes but I can make the whole look a bit “much”, don’t you think?

Cloudy Rainbow full

Cloudy Rainbow fullface

I really loved working with so many colours again. What do you think, do you like this look? With what lip colour would you have paired it?
Please let me know in the comments!


Autumn Golden Purple

I told you about my idea to do more autumn inspired looks on my Facebook page and I started searching for pictures right away. I ran into this beauty pretty fast.

Purple autumn leaves with light gold

Isn’t it stunning? As you probably all know I’m a sucker for purple and combined with this light golden colour it’s really stunning to me. So I got out my palettes and tried to recreate something like this on my eyelids. Or actually, eyelid, because I only did one eye. I did make fullface pictures though.

I loved this look so much that I decided not to just upload it on my Facebook page but to also make a blogpost out of it. I really hope you like it too. 🙂

Autumn Golden and Purple1 by Lisanne Blogt

I basically got out all my purples and trust me: that’s a LOT! I pretty soon decided not to go overboard with all kinds of different shades. I really wanted it to be rich and dark and… well, autumny. I also thought the colours purple on the inspirational picture were pretty warm and pink toned so I tried to select those colours in my range of purples too.

Autumn Golden and Purple by Lisanne Blogt

Autumn Golden and Purple3 by Lisanne Blogt

I used some colours of my favourite brand again: Sugarpill.
Their Poison Plum is pretty much the perfect shade of purple for what I had in mind. Later I also added Hysteric to the middle part of the moving lid to make it a bit lighter. And since it’s a look with some gold in it, I couldn’t resist using a tiny bit of Goldilux too. I mixed Goldilux with a pale gold from my Sleek Safari palette to get a better tone of gold.

Autumn Golden and Purple5 by Lisanne Blogt

I also used my MAC Push The Edge pigment and Urban Decay Rockstar pigments. Those are the darkest purple pigments I have and it really created some depth and tone that I was looking for. It also added the tiny bit of glitter in the outer corner and I liked that too, even though I tried to contain myself. Once I get going with the sparkles I usually tend to go overboard, lol.

Autumn Golden and Purple6 by Lisanne Blogt

Autumn Golden and Purple7 by Lisanne Blogt

As you can see I also added the gold from Goldilux to my waterline to really get that golden accent to sparkle the way it does in the picture that inspired all this. I added some liquid liner but I tried to keep it at a thin line so it wouldn’t go over all the purple goodness. 🙂

And like I said: some fullface pictures with just the one eye. I didn’t feel like doing both eyes because I was going to take it all off after this anyway. But I did want to show it with some lipstick. I first thought I’d do a dark lipstick with it but when I got to the lipstick I figured that would be too much. So I used a darker shade of rose I still have from an old range of Catrice lippies called Burgundy.

Autumn Golden and Purple fullface1 by Lisanne Blogt

Autumn Golden with Purple fullface 2 by Lisanne Blogt

I just adore this look, what do you think?

The next look in this series might have to wait a couple of days because in the upcoming days I have a lot of fun stuff planned. My love and I are going to the Efteling with both our parents tomorrow and after that we have a lot of visits to friends planned. We’re bascially going to tour through all the Netherlands, lol. We just got home from our vacation in Macedonia and we have some days off work left so we decided to use them to cram full of fun stuff. Yay 😀

I do think I’ll do another blogpost about the upcoming autumn looks. Are there any colours you really want to see in this series? Please let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page!

Royal Bluebird

I opened my Inspiration folder on Pinterest and found the picture below, I saved it a long time ago. The colours are gorgeous and the picture instantly made me think of Sugarpill Royal Sugar pigment. I was wondering if this would work out the way I had in mind because these colours are not exactly an obvious match but I tried my best to get the colours right and stil let them work together.

Isn’t he cute? I believe it’s an Eastern Bluebird.

Eastern Bluebird

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Sunset in Mecca

This day (19th of april) my love and I are together for 9,5 years, woohoo!!!!!!
I’m not one to publicly start slobbering on him, I personally think it’s a bit jucky to drool all over him on every other occasion. But let’s say he still makes me the happiest girl in the world. I just could not let the occasion pass without saying a word about it. I’m not going to linger on the subject very long but hey, 9,5 years is a long time! Before this relationship, the longest one I had was about 3 months. Men just could not hold my attention for a very long time.
It feels like only yesterday I got off the train and I looked in his eyes and… there I was, staring into my future. Little did I know: today we own a house, 2 cats and we have a great life together which I enjoy every. Single. Day. He makes me smile when I think I can only cry, he gives me butterflies with just a smile or a touch and I just feel a bit incomplete when he’s not around.
He’s simply the best man I could wish for.
The luuuuuurve.

See? This is the kind of blogpost I hate. Oh no, I did it too!!!

I love him with all my heart. Aorta, atriums and all the other stuff

I love him with all my heart. Aorta, atriums and all the other stuff

Luckily there’s also some makeup in this blogpost so it’s not all about the loveydovey stuff.

So, on to make-up related things: I saw a look on the facebook page that I really liked. However, it was heavily photoshopped and I thought the was a crying shame. I think photoshop can improve minor flaws but if you start to blur the biggest part of the look, it’s not about the makeup anymore.

Anyway, the look I took the inspiration from had a lot of brown in it and I used mainly reds and purples. And since I added the pointy detail in the inner corner, it reminded me a bit of arabic looks I’ve seen. And of a sunset. Hence the name…

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Tutorial: Hummingbird Villain

When I made this look I had enough time to do a tutorial for it. It always takes a lot of time, not only to make all the pictures but also to crop them and to write the different steps. Even though I’m always happy with the result when it comes to these tutorials, I don’t make them nearly enough. I should really change that but realistically, I don’t think it will, lol.

But for now, let’s just be happy I finished this sucker right here. I hope you like it!

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