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Turquoise lashes

I was having some fun with a new mascara from Essence. It’s an awesome colour and I figured I could pair it with blue eyeshadow to make the colour pop. Well… that didn’t turn out the way I wanted it! The mascara is well “pigmented”, if you can call mascara’s pigmented, but the colours from Sugarpill are just way too strong, haha!

So the colour of the mascara really doesn’t pop anymore but you can still see it, right?

Turquoise lashes by Lisanne blogt

Turquoise lashes2 by Lisanne blogt

Turquoise lashes3 by Lisanne blogt

I still love the shine in Magpie, when the light hit’s it. It’s so beautiful!

Turquoise lashes5 by Lisanne blogt

Turquoise lashes6 by Lisanne blogt

I did a double eyeliner to make it a bit more fun. It’s still not my favourite look but it was nice to experiment with this coloured mascara.

What do you guys think? Do you ever use coloured mascara’s like this? I personally don’t, I always use a black one but a little pop of colour is a nice change. What colours would you pair this mascara with? Any ideas I should try with it?
Please let me know in the comments!


Luminous Magpie

I don’t remember exactly what the inspiration for this look was but I’m in a very “dark makeup” kind of mood lately. I guess I wanted to lighten up the look a bit with Sugarpill Lumi but still, dark gloomy autumny look ahead!

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Flora and Fauna

I was having one of those “Ugggh, I should not have gotten out of bed” days and I figured maybe I could try turning frustration into creativity. It didn’t work out exactly as I wanted: in the progress 2 jars of pigment hit the floor (covering EVERYTHING in a thin layer of sparkly green and bronze) and my mascara alsmost wounded me severely.
But in the end I managed to get something out of it that I’m pretty happy about.

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The magpie and the cobra

Woohoo, it’s december 5th!! That might not mean anything to you but in the Netherlands it’s a holiday called Sinterklaas. It’s mostly a kids holiday but a lot of families celebrate it, wether they still believe in Sinterklaas or not. Anything for a party, right?

I still had some blogposts almost ready and I really wanted to get this one online fast because it’s with one of the glitterliners from the Breaking Dawn part 2 collection and… well I really like it. I hope you do to!

This is how my thought process went for this look, or actually a lot of times when I’m working on a makeup look:
“Hmm, let’s do something simple. Don’t feel like doing a complicated look”
“So many pretty colours to choose from, yeah baby.”
“Maybe I could do something more fun with the shape.”
“Shape looks nice but it all looks boring, how can I spice this up?”
“How about a nice extended winged liner”
“Starting to like it”
“Oh I see what I’m missing, NEEDS SPARKLES!!”
“Yeah, me likey”
“Oh I like that one too, use ALL the glitter!!!!!”
“I look like a discoball”
That about sums it up…

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Sugarpill Supernova

I had the morning off when I made this look, I had to work an evening shift and I was browsing for inspiration. The frustrating thing about inspiration is that it usually hits me in the face when I have no time to work with it. Some time ago I saw some amazing galaxy pictures and I thought the colours I saw in the pictures would make great combinations for make-up.

So I started to look for galaxy pictures and I found this one.

I thought it was very beautiful so I made a look with these colours and loads and loads of sparkle!

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