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Turquoise lashes

I was having some fun with a new mascara from Essence. It’s an awesome colour and I figured I could pair it with blue eyeshadow to make the colour pop. Well… that didn’t turn out the way I wanted it! The mascara is well “pigmented”, if you can call mascara’s pigmented, but the colours from Sugarpill are just way too strong, haha!

So the colour of the mascara really doesn’t pop anymore but you can still see it, right?

Turquoise lashes by Lisanne blogt

Turquoise lashes2 by Lisanne blogt

Turquoise lashes3 by Lisanne blogt

I still love the shine in Magpie, when the light hit’s it. It’s so beautiful!

Turquoise lashes5 by Lisanne blogt

Turquoise lashes6 by Lisanne blogt

I did a double eyeliner to make it a bit more fun. It’s still not my favourite look but it was nice to experiment with this coloured mascara.

What do you guys think? Do you ever use coloured mascara’s like this? I personally don’t, I always use a black one but a little pop of colour is a nice change. What colours would you pair this mascara with? Any ideas I should try with it?
Please let me know in the comments!


Luminous Magpie

I don’t remember exactly what the inspiration for this look was but I’m in a very “dark makeup” kind of mood lately. I guess I wanted to lighten up the look a bit with Sugarpill Lumi but still, dark gloomy autumny look ahead!

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Darling birdy

Some time ago I got an amazing pigment from Enchantra called Darling. I saw a picture of a bird called a Racket Tailed Roller on Pinterest.
It’s gorgeous pale but intense teal feathers reminded me of the colour Darling but also of Sugarpill’s Lumi. And I could easily imitate those beautiful brown feathers with my Kat von D Saint palette.

So on one of my last days of vacation, I got my pigments together and got to work on this cute birdy look. Isn’t he adorable?

Here’s what happened.

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Alice orbited into a vision

I was pretty much over the moon with the purple pigment from Essence’s Breaking Dawn collection so I decided to use it in a couple of looks. This was just a simple look because I had to go to work a little later and I didn’t have time to put hour of effort in it. The other look I mad is also pretty simple, I think it shows the diversity of the pigment. 🙂

But still, it’s just a nice colourful look that I like to wear. And it’s with Sleek and Sugarpill, my favourites!

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Vintage luminescence

The day I made this look I was going to meet my best friend and her love. We plan a day every once in while because we live far apart. So when we meet I always pay a little lore attention to what I wear, what my makeup is like and all that. This day I wore all black with some green/teal accents because I wore the earrings she once bought me.

I actually turned out a bit more mint then I had planned, but I thought it still looked blog-worthy.

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