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Beginning of Autumn

I made this look with this picture as an “example”. Red, orange and golden and I also added glitter. These arent actually leaves on trees but the picture really captures the colours so beautifully. Love it!

Autumn trees and sky

I think the colours I used are a bit more pinkish red but other than that the look I made has all these colours in it.
I also added glitter because, well because glitter is fun. 😉 But also because I have this one Gosh glitter that always reminds me of autumn because of it’s colours.

Beginning Of Autumn1 by Lisanne blogt

Beginning Of Autumn2 by Lisanne blogt

Beginning Of Autumn3 by Lisanne blogt

See? Glitters! They shift colour between gold and red to green. This glitterliner is almost finished and I know I’ll be so sad when I finally have to toss it away because it’s empty. 😦

Beginning Of Autumn4 by Lisanne blogt

Beginning Of Autumn6 by Lisanne blogt

I used differens Sugarpill colours again: Goldilux, Asteria, @#$%! and Love+. I also used a little bit Moors Treasure from my Sleek Mediterranean palette to make the red in the crease a little darker.

Beginning Of Autumn7 by Lisanne blogt

Beginning Of Autumn8 by Lisanne blogt

Beginning Of Autumn9 by Lisanne blogt

What do you think of this look? Are you into autumn yet? Whay are your favourite autumn colours?
Please let me know in the comments!


Falling leaves

Ok, is anybody discovering a theme here? Most of the looks I posted lately have been inspired by autumn or the falling leaves so I made an autumn tag for them.If you like autumn colours, make sure to check out the tag!

This look also has those gorgeous deep dark colours in them. I was riding my bike home from work and I saw a tree with a lot of brown and reddish leaves, some yellow and some were still green. It was such a beautiful sight and I remembered those colours for next day so I could make a look with them.

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Liquid Sunset

When I started to work on this look I wanted to do make it deep, but bright orange with a pale gold center. Obviously it turned out a little different, lol.
I just kept finding all kinds of pretty eyeshadows that worked very well with the colours I was already using, so I just let the original idea go and had some fun with it.

It’s a look with a lot of autumn colours, but it also reminded me of a sunset because of the bright golden colour in the middle.

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Sunset in Mecca

This day (19th of april) my love and I are together for 9,5 years, woohoo!!!!!!
I’m not one to publicly start slobbering on him, I personally think it’s a bit jucky to drool all over him on every other occasion. But let’s say he still makes me the happiest girl in the world. I just could not let the occasion pass without saying a word about it. I’m not going to linger on the subject very long but hey, 9,5 years is a long time! Before this relationship, the longest one I had was about 3 months. Men just could not hold my attention for a very long time.
It feels like only yesterday I got off the train and I looked in his eyes and… there I was, staring into my future. Little did I know: today we own a house, 2 cats and we have a great life together which I enjoy every. Single. Day. He makes me smile when I think I can only cry, he gives me butterflies with just a smile or a touch and I just feel a bit incomplete when he’s not around.
He’s simply the best man I could wish for.
The luuuuuurve.

See? This is the kind of blogpost I hate. Oh no, I did it too!!!

I love him with all my heart. Aorta, atriums and all the other stuff

I love him with all my heart. Aorta, atriums and all the other stuff

Luckily there’s also some makeup in this blogpost so it’s not all about the loveydovey stuff.

So, on to make-up related things: I saw a look on the facebook page that I really liked. However, it was heavily photoshopped and I thought the was a crying shame. I think photoshop can improve minor flaws but if you start to blur the biggest part of the look, it’s not about the makeup anymore.

Anyway, the look I took the inspiration from had a lot of brown in it and I used mainly reds and purples. And since I added the pointy detail in the inner corner, it reminded me a bit of arabic looks I’ve seen. And of a sunset. Hence the name…

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Tutorial for the Autumn Leaves look

Some time ago I asked you to vote for your favourite look so I could make a tutorial for it. As I expected, most of you wanted to see a tutorial for the Autumn Leaves look. Hope you’ll like it!

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