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Tutorial Peacock Made Of Liquid Gold

I made this tutorial because I wanted to use some more of my MakeUp Geek products together and these colours combine fantastic!

It’s really not such a different look from all the other ones I made a tutorial for, especially because it’s with a glitterliner again. But I still hope you enjoy it.

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Peacock made of liquid gold

I have been on a “liquid Gold high” for a few weeks now after I reviewed the pigments for you, this is another combination of MakeUp Geek’s Liquid Gold pigment combined with green. I also added MakeUp Geek Peacock which is a dark blue-green colour and I also used some teal glitters.

I had enough time to also do a tutorial for this look but it’ll take me some time to get that blogpost ready for you guys. In the meantime I hope you like this look!

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Liquid Gold

I told you about the MakeUp Geek pigments I received and I was totally hyper about Liquid Gold, so in that week I made this look with it.

It became a pretty wearable look but with that stunning gold it’s like there’s sunshine coming from my eyelids. It looks almost greenish gold, like I said in the review. So I used this colour with Junebug from Sugarpill and New Years Eve from MakeUp Geek in the inner corner.

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Royal Bluebird

I opened my Inspiration folder on Pinterest and found the picture below, I saved it a long time ago. The colours are gorgeous and the picture instantly made me think of Sugarpill Royal Sugar pigment. I was wondering if this would work out the way I had in mind because these colours are not exactly an obvious match but I tried my best to get the colours right and stil let them work together.

Isn’t he cute? I believe it’s an Eastern Bluebird.

Eastern Bluebird

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Flora and Fauna

I was having one of those “Ugggh, I should not have gotten out of bed” days and I figured maybe I could try turning frustration into creativity. It didn’t work out exactly as I wanted: in the progress 2 jars of pigment hit the floor (covering EVERYTHING in a thin layer of sparkly green and bronze) and my mascara alsmost wounded me severely.
But in the end I managed to get something out of it that I’m pretty happy about.

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