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Cloudy Rainbow

I made this look with 2 of my favourite brands: Sugarpill and MakeUp Geek. I also adore my Sleek makeup palettes so they bascially share a top 3 together.

My initial idea was to stay with the orange, pink and plummy colours from my MakeUp Geek pigments but then I added some colours from my Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette and well… that’s when things became rainbow…ish.
The MakeUp Geek pigments are Afterglow, Enchanted and a bit of New Years Eve.

Cloudy Rainbow

Cloudy Rainbow3

I really like the combination of colours I used under the eye: Sugarpill Olivia, Mochi and Velocity. It’s not a load of colour but it’s enough to stand out. And I used Sugarpill’s Asteria on the moving lid and Poison Plum and 2AM in the crease and Diamond Eyes under the brow.

Cloudy Rainbow4

Cloudy Rainbow5

Cloudy Rainbow3

This time I didn’t use any eyeliner, I used black eyeshadow at the lashline and I really like that effect. It’s a lot more smokey. 🙂

Cloudy Rainbow6

Cloudy Rainbow7

I didn’t use a lot of colour on the lips, figured I’d keep those light for a change. I like dark lips and dark eyes but I can make the whole look a bit “much”, don’t you think?

Cloudy Rainbow full

Cloudy Rainbow fullface

I really loved working with so many colours again. What do you think, do you like this look? With what lip colour would you have paired it?
Please let me know in the comments!


Tutorial: Quite Colorful Quetzal

At Linda’s request I made a tutorial for the Quite Colorful Quetzal look. She liked the colour combination and she also provided me with the perfect blue/teal colour for it! When I made the original look, I had to mix a lot of colours to get close to the colour of the bird and she mentioned Sugarpill’s Darling might just be perfect for the job.

When I received Darling I was pretty sure this would fit perfectly so I got to work right away. I used some other products from the original look but that only makes this tutorial easier than it originally was. I also made it a bit lighter but that’s just to make it a bit more wearable, just pile on some more colour if you want this look to be more smokey.

I’m sorry about the quality of some pictures, they are not always a 100% sharp. I didn’t take too many pictures of each step and because of that I sometimes only had a choice out of 3 pictures, none of them being entirely sharp. My battery was almost empty so a lesson for next time: recharge battery first!

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Quite Colorful Quetzal

I found this picture on Pinterest and I thought the colours were beautiful, colourful and rich but very natural at the same time because of the brown.

I decided to make a makeup look inspired by this little cutie from Guatamala. It’s called a Quetzal, by the way. Isn’t he adorable? He has a mohawk!

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Acid silver

I was in the mood for green zo I wanted to do another look. I’ve been doing those a lot less lately, simply because I just spend a lot of time on other stuff. First I was going for green and gold but every time I use gold I go for Goldilux and I felt like doing something with more cool toned colours, so I grabbed a silver pigment from Gosh this time.

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Funky blues

I made this look some time ago and I wanted to put the blogpost together in my nightshifts. But apparently the browsers in old computers at my work can get so terrible crappy that WordPress simply refused to cooperate. After nightshifts I was completely beat up and needed all my energy for simple life stuff. So the blog thing just had to wait.

I might even have quiet times like this more often because lately my heart isn’t entirely into makeup. I’m just struggling with this winter depression thing and even though it’s not as bad as it used to be the previous years, I like to focus on other things right now.
Enough blabla, here’s the look I came up with.

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