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Cloudy Rainbow

I made this look with 2 of my favourite brands: Sugarpill and MakeUp Geek. I also adore my Sleek makeup palettes so they bascially share a top 3 together.

My initial idea was to stay with the orange, pink and plummy colours from my MakeUp Geek pigments but then I added some colours from my Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette and well… that’s when things became rainbow…ish.
The MakeUp Geek pigments are Afterglow, Enchanted and a bit of New Years Eve.

Cloudy Rainbow

Cloudy Rainbow3

I really like the combination of colours I used under the eye: Sugarpill Olivia, Mochi and Velocity. It’s not a load of colour but it’s enough to stand out. And I used Sugarpill’s Asteria on the moving lid and Poison Plum and 2AM in the crease and Diamond Eyes under the brow.

Cloudy Rainbow4

Cloudy Rainbow5

Cloudy Rainbow3

This time I didn’t use any eyeliner, I used black eyeshadow at the lashline and I really like that effect. It’s a lot more smokey. 🙂

Cloudy Rainbow6

Cloudy Rainbow7

I didn’t use a lot of colour on the lips, figured I’d keep those light for a change. I like dark lips and dark eyes but I can make the whole look a bit “much”, don’t you think?

Cloudy Rainbow full

Cloudy Rainbow fullface

I really loved working with so many colours again. What do you think, do you like this look? With what lip colour would you have paired it?
Please let me know in the comments!


Heather’s TARDIS

Hey folks! I wanted to update a lot sooner this year but a lot came up that needed my attention more. I moved to a different location at work and that’s been draining a lot of my energy. My grandmother also passed away last week so obviously my mind was elsewhere after that. These things still take up a lof of my time so I don’t know when I’ll be making new looks.
However, I stil have some old looks on my computer and I really wanted to show these so bit by bit I’m putting together these blogposts. Just be a little patient and I’ll get back into the blogging mood as soon as possible.

So, on to this look! A long time ago, longer than I had planned to put this look online, I saw *this* look by Heather Makeup Mouse. She did such a great job with that TARDIS look and I really liked the colours she used. I’m not very good at the detailed drawing in my makeup looks so I decided to try and capture the same colours she used, but a little more “wearable for every day”. I hope you like the result.

Thanks for the inspiration, Heather!

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Paradise Bird

Some time ago I pinned this picture om one of my Pinterest boards. Isn’t he beautiful?

Long-tailed sylph

I thought this cute little guy has the most beautiful colours and somehow I thought of all Sugarpill colours.
So of course that’s what I used for this look.I’ve been doing so many glittery and shimmery looks lately that it was a nice change to do something that was entirely matte.

See the rest of this entry to see how the look worked out.

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Somewhere over the rainbow

The night before I made this look I was looking at the Sugarpill Pinterest page and not only did I see they featured one of my looks on *this board* (which made me do a little dance, lol ) but I also saw *this* look from Vintage Or Tacky’s Cora and I thought it was so very inspiring!
I’ve seen rainbow looks before and somehow I always love them but I’ve never attempted to do one myself. Well… It’s about time!

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Envy in the Universe

I thought it was time to get some of those universe pictures another go. I’ve been on a real glitter high lately (use ALL the glitter!!) and these looks just need glitter. So… perfect!

This was the picture I stumbled upon.

How can this picture not make you think of glitter?

If you want to see the look I made for this picture, click the linky here.

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