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Playing on Josi’s burnt grass

I was browsing Josi’s blog and I saw she did a new version of her Burning Grass look. I already liked that look a lot the first time she did it and I still think the combination of green and prange is just so beautiful. So I did a look inspired by her look, hence the title. I don’t have that many orange eyeshadows but the Sleek Circus palette turned out to be of great help. And we both used the Green Brown pigments from MAC, gotta love that pigment.

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Sugarpill Supernova

I had the morning off when I made this look, I had to work an evening shift and I was browsing for inspiration. The frustrating thing about inspiration is that it usually hits me in the face when I have no time to work with it. Some time ago I saw some amazing galaxy pictures and I thought the colours I saw in the pictures would make great combinations for make-up.

So I started to look for galaxy pictures and I found this one.

I thought it was very beautiful so I made a look with these colours and loads and loads of sparkle!

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Tropical flower

This is a bit of a weird blogpost because this look was made a long time ago and I don’t really remember anything about it. Well, I’ve not completely lost my memory so of course I remember when I made it and that I wanted to use some pretty colours, but usually there is a bit of a thought process behind these and I just can’t remember for this look.

So without further ado, let’s go see the Tropical Flower look…

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Unknown part 5

It’s time for me to empty my EOTD folder again, which basically means I’m going to show you some looks that leave me clueless about what I used for it or with what purpose. I sometimes make looks and don’t write down what I used and that’s always a mistake because if I don’t do it right away I’ll just forget it within the hour. But they’re usually still worth showing so that’s what I’m going to do.

The first look is a look I made for a shopping trip with my friend Wendy. We went to Eindhoven for some shopping and after that we had sushi in my favourite sushi place called Yammi Yammi. 😀

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Inspired by Karolina’s sunrise

Some time ago I was browsing some of my favourite blogs and I stumbled into *this* blogpost from Karolina. I thought it was absolutely mesmerizing and even though I don’t use a lot of orange and I don’t usually think it looks good on me, I wanted to try something like it.

Karolina is a true artist when it comes to makeup and especially eyeliner. The pieces of art that woman can create, make my jaw drop. So I figured I didn’t want to do the exact same thing because I knew I would just end up failing and frustrating myself, so I gave it a twist.

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