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Vintage Dreams

Woohoo, 299th blogpost!

When I made this look I had just done my hair. I usually wear it hanging down or in a ponytail but I wanted to do something different so I tried a sock bun. I really liked the result and I thought it called for a classic makeup.

So I tried keeping my eyeshadow very light (well, light for me anyway) and a nice ombre lipstick. With dramatic eyeliner, just to get that classic pinup feel I had going with my hair.

Vintage Dreams

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Very Autumn Berry

Ever since I got a new computer I’ve been looking for a new (and preferably free) program to crop and cut my pictures. So far I found an online program I really like, but it still isn’t perfect and simple the way it used to be on my old laptop.
Oh well, maybe I just have to get used to something different, but I like a program that opens my pictures and let’s me start editting immediately. I haven’t been able to find a program like that without getting completely overwhelmed by all the different possibilities. If you know any, just let me know in the comments please!

So, as some of you have noticed I haven’t put my name in this look or in the Falling Leaves look either. I simply forgot because I was too busy figuring out how to work with a new program, lol.
Anyway, I made this look because I wanted to use some of my MakeUp Geek pigments and this is what I came up with.

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A Gift Basket With Liquid Gold

I wanted to do a simple look with Liquid Gold from MakeUp Geek and some brown colours. It makes for a pretty neutral look with colours like this but I always like having a flash of colour in them.
In this case, it’s the golden pigments from MakeUp Geek adding that little bit of extra.

I don’t own a lot of brown eyeshadows so I usually go for some of the browns in my Sleek palettes and those eyeshadows never let me down.

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Saint Asteria

Some time ago, Sugarpill Cosmetics released a brand spankin’ new colour. And it’s Limited Edition too!!! I was pretty much giving up on the idea I’d be able to get my hands on it.  Until Denise from Harajuku Girl Beauty asked if anyone was interested in sharing one of these gorgeous pigments. HELL YEAH!!

I received the pigment about a week later and it is sooooo stunning. I paired it with a new palette I got from a giveaway by The Art Is Makeup. It’s a Kat von D palette called Saint and I absolutely adore it.
I’ll probably review the palette (and maybe the pigment) later. Let me just show you the look I made with it right now.

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Midnight Utopia

I wanted to use the Utopia pigment from MakeUp Geek because I was just so curious how it would work with some of the other colours of their brand spankin’ new pigments. I made a look and, when it comes to colours, it’s actually very far from my comfort zone: gold, orange/red and dark blue are not exactly my go-to colours.

But I like how they combined for this look, I hope you do too!

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