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Review: Sleek Garden of Eden palette

When I saw promopictures of this palette I knew I had to have it. Just had to!
All the colours in it are so beautiful and if I could make a palette, I even think it would be a lot like this one. There are a loads of green shimmery and matte colours in it, so even if the rest wouldn’t be interesting to me I’d still want it. But the other colours are browns, pinks and purples in various finishes and the combination of those colours make this one of the most usable palette’s for all kinds of eyecolours.
It just looked too perfect to be true!!

Review: Sleek Garden Of Eden palette

But my last Sleek experience wasn’t as great as I’m used to from Sleek and I read some negative reviews about this palette too.
Those reviews were negative because of the bad pigmentation of some eyeshadows in this palette. Would this be it? Would Sleek let me down again and crush my love for this brand completely? Would this be the last addition to my Sleek palette collection because, as so many brands out there, they are just not worth the money anymore?

The lovely people from Enchantra were kind enough to send me this palette so I could see for myself.

Read on to find out what I think of Sleek’s Garden of Eden.

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Review: hair extensions from 1001extensions

A while ago I was contacted by 1001extensions. They asked me if I wanted to try their hair extensions and write a review in return. I’ve never had real hair extensions and I was actually thinking about getting some for a while so this was a good opportunity to try it out.

If you want to know my experiences with these hair extensions or with the webshop, click the link and read my review!

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I was at our drugstore Kruidvat’s event

For years now I’ve been in contact with the lovely people from our local drugstore, Kruidvat. They invite me to their events where they launch their new products and boy, do they know how to organise a good launch. I have some pictures from Kruidvat and Wendy because my camera failed… at home! So I have to rely on other people’s pictures but I had such a great time so I still want to write about it.

The event was called “Feel at home” and they had rented a luxurious house and stashed it full with new products.
We all had a chance to walk around and see the new products that will be in stores soon. But as we entered the house we first got a lovely glass of champagne and a goodiebag that we got to fill with products, how generous is that?? Later on when we got to the kitchen part they also had some fabulous looking bites, ready for us to sink our teeth in.

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I got me some Christmas berries

One of my favourite webshops Enchantra had a big sale. You probably all know I have a serious weak spot for sales, right? And I have the same weakness for Sleek. So you can probably imagine the happy jump I did when I found out some of the Sleek products I was still after were on sale. Including this Limited Edition Berry collection!

At the time this collection hit the stores I had myself convinced I didn’t really need it. But now it didn’t cost the original 12 euro’s but only a whopping 5 euro’s! Some things are just too good to pass by, so I ordered it together with some other stuff I’ll review later.

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Lime Crime Mint To Be… mintygreen lips?

I told you some time ago about my Secret Twitter Santa package, Michele had totally spoiled me with her gifts but she also added a lot of products she never used and it was up to me to see if I could use them, so sweet of her!

The product that instantly caught my eye was this one.

Lime Crime lipstick!!!

Well, if you read the title you probably already know what colour it is…

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