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Eva’s Garden of Eden

I told you about the new and lovely Sleek palette called Garden of Eden. I loved it because it has a lot of colours in it that I use in my looks. Especially the green colours appealed to me and I was so happy they have good pigmentation, so I worked on a new look the next day.

Funny thing: my middle name is Eva, which is the Dutch variation of Eve, so I decided to call this look Eva’s Garden of Eden. Hope you like it!

Eva's Garden of Eden with Sleek Garden of Eden palette

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Review: Sleek Garden of Eden palette

When I saw promopictures of this palette I knew I had to have it. Just had to!
All the colours in it are so beautiful and if I could make a palette, I even think it would be a lot like this one. There are a loads of green shimmery and matte colours in it, so even if the rest wouldn’t be interesting to me I’d still want it. But the other colours are browns, pinks and purples in various finishes and the combination of those colours make this one of the most usable palette’s for all kinds of eyecolours.
It just looked too perfect to be true!!

Review: Sleek Garden Of Eden palette

But my last Sleek experience wasn’t as great as I’m used to from Sleek and I read some negative reviews about this palette too.
Those reviews were negative because of the bad pigmentation of some eyeshadows in this palette. Would this be it? Would Sleek let me down again and crush my love for this brand completely? Would this be the last addition to my Sleek palette collection because, as so many brands out there, they are just not worth the money anymore?

The lovely people from Enchantra were kind enough to send me this palette so I could see for myself.

Read on to find out what I think of Sleek’s Garden of Eden.

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Review: 3 Concept lipstick

Some time ago Born Pretty Store was doing a Twitter giveaway and I won one of the prizes! It’s always a nice surprise to be able to try new stuff, right?

I received some nailart products and this lipstick, from a brand I wasn’t familliar with. It’s from 3 Concept Eyes and I guess it’s a Chinese brand, since the webshop is Chinese and simply because I can’t read anything that’s written on it, lol.

With this package, the people from Born Pretty Store also gave me a 10% off coupon for you lovely shopping addicts out there. If you’re going to order anything in their store, make sure you use the code  LBGW10, mmmkay?

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Envy in the Universe

I thought it was time to get some of those universe pictures another go. I’ve been on a real glitter high lately (use ALL the glitter!!) and these looks just need glitter. So… perfect!

This was the picture I stumbled upon.

How can this picture not make you think of glitter?

If you want to see the look I made for this picture, click the linky here.

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WOW, it’s bright!

Remember I wrote about the upcoming Essence pigments? Well, they have been in store for some time now and I’ve only bought a few, I’m thinking about collecting them all but I’m just giving myself a little time because it’s not like I’m in dire need of more pigments, I already have too many as it is. So I only bought 3 colours and one of them is WOW, it’s orange!

This colour is gorgeous, although I don’t really agree on the name, it’s more of a coral colour on acid. Insanely bright and sure, the base is a bit orangy but it has an intense pinkish tone to it. And when you look really good it also has something golden in it, very beautiful!

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