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Link love part 10

I thought it was about time I did another version of Link Love. It’s been months and in the meantime the blogs I read weekly have been piling up! Honestly, I’m a total lurker but I do visit a lot of blogs. Usually when I’m working nightshifts I sort through my bloglovin and leave comments but that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.


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Link love part 9

It’s time for another part of link love!
I haven’t done any of these blogposts for quite some time which is strange because I ran into more than enough cool blogs. Somehow I just didn’t think about writing about them for a while. Oh well, here’s one to make up for it!

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Link love part 8

It’s been a while since I did the last part of Link love but I ran into such awesome blogs that I just had to write something about these ladies.

As usual I’ll also add them to my blogroll but in this blogpost you can read a little more about them, how I found them and what they show you on their blogs.

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Link love part 7

Don’t you just love it when your favourite blog has a new update? I used to just browse my favourites  through my bookmarks but the list got endless so I just put them all in bloglovin. I created an account for my own blog too so if you want to find me on Bloglovin’ you can do that *here*

Anyway, on to the fabulous bloggers I selected for this new part of Link love!

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Magpie love and a little link love

I got the sweetest package from a lovely lady some time ago and I figured I just needed to do a blogpost about it and at the same time do a link love that I had already decided I would do.

On Twitter I had met the lovely Marjolein a.k.a. The Art Is Makeup, we talk online and I’ve met her in person and she is truly adorable. She asked me if I wanted to have her Sugarpill pigment Magpie. I only have a sample of Magpie and it’s the best colour EVER. I never thought I would really need a dark blue pigment because I don’t use blue a lot, but this one had to become a member of my pigment family some day. And she just gave it to me, isn’t that just the sweetest thing?

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