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@#$%! the paparazzi!

I already told you about my new Sugarpill eyeshadow called @#$%! (what’s in a name?). I always like experimenting with colours I don’t wear on a daily basis and @#$%! is definitely one of those colours.

Because it’s a berry red colour with little silver sparkles in it, I thought it would be nice to combine it with a silver eyeshadow (a MakeUp Geek pigment) and different shades of red.
Red is not the easiest colour to wear as an eyeshadow and I like a good challenge. So I tried to make it wearable and dramatic at the same time.

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Glamorous sparkle pinup

Sorry about the quiet time on my blog lately, I was starting to pick up the blogging again and then a major flu hit me that basically knocked me out for a week. I did manage to get the giveaway online but after that I really needed time to get back on my feet.
You can still enter the giveaway so, please do!

Anyway, I wanted to do a nice pinup look but with a twist. So I did a red glitter eyeliner with a matte red lip. Hope you like it.

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Red and blue star clusters

I thought about doing something with my Universe series again so I picked out a picture that I really liked, got my glitterliners out and had some fun with it.

Here’s the picture I took as inspiration. This time the look came out a bit different from the inspiration but I just love glitter so I like it anyway.

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Somewhere over the rainbow

The night before I made this look I was looking at the Sugarpill Pinterest page and not only did I see they featured one of my looks on *this board* (which made me do a little dance, lol ) but I also saw *this* look from Vintage Or Tacky’s Cora and I thought it was so very inspiring!
I’ve seen rainbow looks before and somehow I always love them but I’ve never attempted to do one myself. Well… It’s about time!

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Spring colours on a crappy day

It’s been warm and lovely weather for a couple of days but somehow the day I made this look it was just not my day. Everything I did went wrong, you know those days when you think you should have just stayed in bed? This was one of them.
In an attempt to make me feel better I tried using some bright spring colours in my make- up. I used mainly Pure Luxe pigments and I used the last bit of my blue mascara, after this it had definitely dried out. 😦

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