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Purple snakeskin

Somehow this look completely got erased from my memory. I thought I had already put it online but I didnt, oops!

I made this look when a couple of our friends came over to our house, I was wearing my purple snakeskin dress so I had to make a purple look to match it.

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Universal explosion

In the Sugarpill Supernova look I was wondering if I should do more galaxy inspired looks. Your comments made it clear you thought this was a good idea so… yay! Like a good little blogger I instantly did what you told me to do and I created a look inspired by this picture.

Yes, red and glitters!!!

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Have you seen Hera’s goldilux?

I was browsing for some inspiration for my makeup and Karolina from Grzee never fails me. This time I wanted to do something with the same colours she used for *this* look.

I got some of my Sugarpill, Scaredy Cat and Inglot products and tried something in the lines of her amazing look and here’s the result.

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Tutorial: Smokey Punk

In *this* blogpost I asked you guys to vote for the look that you’d want to see in a tutorial. To my surprise the look that got most votes wasn’t the neon look but the Smokey Punk look.
It’s always fun to see what you want to see because as usual you didn’t pick the look I thought you would. I really liked this look and it’s not even such a difficult look to make, the eyeliner takes some patience but if you do that, it looks awesome.

So if you want to see how I made this look, click the link and you’ll get to see the tutorial.

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Graphite Treasure

Lately my Sleek eyeshadow palette’s have been getting more attention, I guess it’s because I’ve recently ordered the Darks palette and it got me in the mood for Sleek. I did’t have Darks in my posession when I wrote his blogpost but I couldn’t wait to get to work with those amazing matte eyeshadows.
I think there are a lot of matte eyeshadows out there but there are only few brands that are this cheap and still deliver this kind of great quality. So yay for Sleek!!

Anyway, I was wearing this grey Alice In wonderland shirt and I wanted to do something grey with red because of the print. It turned out way more red than I had in mind, lol.

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