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Vintage Dreams

Woohoo, 299th blogpost!

When I made this look I had just done my hair. I usually wear it hanging down or in a ponytail but I wanted to do something different so I tried a sock bun. I really liked the result and I thought it called for a classic makeup.

So I tried keeping my eyeshadow very light (well, light for me anyway) and a nice ombre lipstick. With dramatic eyeliner, just to get that classic pinup feel I had going with my hair.

Vintage Dreams

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Tutorial: Rockchick From A Galaxy Far Away

A long long time ago I did *this* look and I got a lot of questions on Facebook and Twitter for a tutorial. It didn’t take me a lot of time to make the pictures but I’ve been procrastinating to write the text.

Anyway, it’s done now and I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s not very difficult and you can make it with other products too. As long as you have a black eyeshadow and some glitter eyeshadows or a glitterliner it should work just fine.

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Glamorous sparkle pinup

Sorry about the quiet time on my blog lately, I was starting to pick up the blogging again and then a major flu hit me that basically knocked me out for a week. I did manage to get the giveaway online but after that I really needed time to get back on my feet.
You can still enter the giveaway so, please do!

Anyway, I wanted to do a nice pinup look but with a twist. So I did a red glitter eyeliner with a matte red lip. Hope you like it.

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I got me some Christmas berries

One of my favourite webshops Enchantra had a big sale. You probably all know I have a serious weak spot for sales, right? And I have the same weakness for Sleek. So you can probably imagine the happy jump I did when I found out some of the Sleek products I was still after were on sale. Including this Limited Edition Berry collection!

At the time this collection hit the stores I had myself convinced I didn’t really need it. But now it didn’t cost the original 12 euro’s but only a whopping 5 euro’s! Some things are just too good to pass by, so I ordered it together with some other stuff I’ll review later.

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Getting the Rimmel look

Enige tijd geleden kreeg ik door Kruidvat een heel leuk pakketje opgestuurd, ze houden namelijk in week 39 een heerlijke aanbieding van Rimmel producten waarbij je 1 + 1 gratis kan kopen! Ik kreeg wat van hun producten opgestuurd ter review en ik moet heel eerlijk zeggen dat ik me niet zo met dit merk bezig houd, afgezien van hun liquid liner (die is fantastisch). Ja, natuurlijk had ik gezien dat Kate Moss een hele mooie lijn lipsticks heeft bij Rimmel maar aangezien ik niet zo heel dagelijks lipstick draag heb ik die voor het gemak maar overgeslagen.
Maar Rimmel heeft mij echt op meerdere vlakken verbaasd, op zeer positieve wijze!

Some time ago Kruidvat sent me a nice package because in week 39 they’re having a great 1 + 1 free discount. I received some products to review and honestly I haven’t really paid attention to this brand, except from their liquid eyeliner (which is awesome). Well yes, of course I had seen Kate Moss has a gorgeous line of lipsticks by Rimmel but considering I don’t wear lipstick every day, I just skipped those.
But Rimmel seriously surprised me, in a good way!

Lees verder om mijn review over deze producten te lezen.

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