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Sparkling falsies

I know my blog has been a bit quiet lately. I’m not feeling great, stress at work and stuff like that. So I might have some more gaps in updating but please just follow my Facebook page or Bloglovin so you can always see new updates.

My skin has been calming down a lot lately and I thought it was about time I cracked open the sparkles again.
So I got some of my favourite Sugarpill eyeshadows and workd out a look I’ve had in mind for some time. It was inspired by *this look* from Gina the Makeup Artist. But I used different colours and lots of sparkles.
I needed a good glitterfix after all those weeks of barely using any glitter at all.

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Rainbow Overdrive

I had just finished making *this* look when I thought of some lashes I have had in my drawer for ages. They’re completely over the top, there’s holographic tinsle in them and they’re huge. Love ’em!

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Spiderqueen for Halloween

In my last blogpost you could see a look I made with colours that reminded me of Halloween, like orange, black and a little gold and red. But after I made that look I thought I could add a little more to make it less wearable.
But more fun! And since today is officially Halloween I just thought this look could not go online on any other day.

Eventually I created a spiderqueen look… or something like it. See for yourself!

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Cleopatra’s Black Desert

I’ve been so incredibly busy working and having a social life that making looks has not exactly been a priority. But suddenly I got this feeling I sometimes get, I think of it as inspiration. That little tickle that makes you want to create, you know that feeling? I usually get it when I don’t have time to do anything creative, very convenient (not!) lol.

But I had the next day off and I saw a new part of the Weekly Showcase and I love the theme! You can choose between 2 themes this month: Middle Eastern Bridal Makeup or Roaring 20’s!

So I decided to dig around in my drawer with false lashes and I stumbled upon a pair that I hadn’t used before, aren’t these fabulous? I wanted to stay in the gold and black theme so I used Sugarpill Goldilux and Stella again and as I was searching for inspirational pictures online I saw some great arabic looks with vibrant gold, PERFECT!

Click the link if you want to see what I created with these false lashes. 😀

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Fairy magic

I wanted to make another look with my Paperself lashes. I think they are just magical and so special but I don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear them. So I decided to make the opportunity, lol. I wanted to do something fairytale like with loads of sparkle and glitter and vibrant colours. As usual the look turned out quite different from what I had in mind, but I still like it a lot. And it’s most definitely sparkly.

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