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Subterranean Apples

It’s been a while since my last update!

Sorry about that. I’ve been focussing my attention on other things lately. My love and I bought a new game called Guild Wars 2 and we’re completely addicted. On top of that I’m giving a course at work and I love doing it but it’s also exhausting because I’m still learning (and stressing out about it). So  when I come home or when I have a day off, I just want to relax and do whatever I feel like.
I’ll get back to doing more makeup in a couple of weeks. But for now, you’ll just have to bear with me because I’m trying very hard to keep the balance between funtime and working hard on something I find difficult. I hope you understand!

I told you about the Sleek Candy palette and I wasn’t completely overwhelmed with the colours. I wanted to try the palette as soon as possible so I picked a few colours and tried some stuff out.

In the end, I only used two colours from the palette but I do like how those looked, combined with Sugarpill Subterranean and Soot & Stars.

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Gloomy Autumn

Some time ago I saw *this* look from Bitter Starlite and I instantly fell in love with the dark colours she used, such a beautiful autumn look. I wanted to do something like it but not the same, I like giving my own twist to looks like this.

So I used a colour that’s also a deep dark brownish red from MAC, called Heritage Rouge. I combined it with one of my favourite pigments from Essence, the Breaking Dawn part 2 collection, which is a very dark purple.
And a matte highlighter, but that’s it! No other colours, just dark autumny colours. And I love the result!

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@#$%! the paparazzi!

I already told you about my new Sugarpill eyeshadow called @#$%! (what’s in a name?). I always like experimenting with colours I don’t wear on a daily basis and @#$%! is definitely one of those colours.

Because it’s a berry red colour with little silver sparkles in it, I thought it would be nice to combine it with a silver eyeshadow (a MakeUp Geek pigment) and different shades of red.
Red is not the easiest colour to wear as an eyeshadow and I like a good challenge. So I tried to make it wearable and dramatic at the same time.

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Review: Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream

I don’t do a lot of reviews but I’m thinking about doing it a bit more often. I got a lot of (new) products from Catrice, Essence and Kruidvat and I know a lot of people enjoy reading them so I figured it would be nice to do for a change.

I wanted to start of with this new lip product from Essence. I love matte lipsticks so I had my eye on this product the moment I saw the promopictures. And it comes in this insanely vibrant red called Silky Red, among three others, so it basically screamed my name.

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Mirage apricot

Lately I’ve been doing more “over the top” looks and I haven’t shown any daily looks. That’s because my makeup stuff has been on hold: every base I used gave me eczema on my eyelids. But I think that’s over and I really felt like playing around with some new make-up products I got at an event from Kruidvat. Here it is!

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