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Liquid Sunset

When I started to work on this look I wanted to do make it deep, but bright orange with a pale gold center. Obviously it turned out a little different, lol.
I just kept finding all kinds of pretty eyeshadows that worked very well with the colours I was already using, so I just let the original idea go and had some fun with it.

It’s a look with a lot of autumn colours, but it also reminded me of a sunset because of the bright golden colour in the middle.

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Acid silver

I was in the mood for green zo I wanted to do another look. I’ve been doing those a lot less lately, simply because I just spend a lot of time on other stuff. First I was going for green and gold but every time I use gold I go for Goldilux and I felt like doing something with more cool toned colours, so I grabbed a silver pigment from Gosh this time.

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Looking for gold in a wood of roses

I thought it was about time to start trying the makeup thing again. My eyes have been behaving very well with just eyeshadow (no base, so creasapalooza) and eyeliner and I really wanted to use my new Gosh Rosewood eyeshadow, I got it from Michelle in my Secret Twitter Santa package as one of the products she wasn’t using.
Rosewood is a beautiful brownish red colour and I wanted to combine it with more Gosh Effect Powders so I took Gold Dust and Plummy. It isn’t my favourite look in the world but I like it anyway. Gosh Effect Powders kick butt!

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Feelin’ Halloweeny

I get confronted with Halloween pictures on my Facebook daily around this time of year. Here in Holland people don’t really celebrate Halloween the way it’s done in the US. Some give parties but it’s not a real big holiday for us or anything and most people I know just skip it.

Anyway, I got inspired by a combination of Halloween pictures (you know, bats, pumpkins, skulls and all that) and my new MakeUp Geek eyeshadow Mandarine that I wanted to use. So, yay for Halloween!

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Autumn leaves

The Hiatus is officially over! I have to say it was nice not to think about blogging for a month, I could very well do this again, but not right now because it had the right effect: I feel like doing some makeup again!

I’ve been working on new looks, my brand spankin’ new Facebook page, some inspirational blogposts for the future and a new series of looks. So there’s some stuff coming up and can’t wait to see what you have to say about it.

But for the first new blogpost I decided it would be a fall inspired look. For september the challenge for the Facebook Group of Awesomness, called Never Too Much Sparkle, was either an eyeliner shape or falling leaves, so autumn inspired.
I wanted to do both but my vacation got in the way of having time for that so I just did this look with autumn leaves colours.

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