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Insomnia after a double espresso

I’ve been wearing this look a lot and even though I consider it a “subtle work look”, so no funny business with popping colours and glitter, I still like it enough to show it here.

I used MakeUp Geek pigments for most of the eyeshadow and because one of the pigments is duochrome, you still get your daily dose of colour with this combination.

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MakeUp Geek pigments: swatches, review, the works…

Some time ago I got an email from one of the people of MakeUp Geek, asking me if I wanted to try out their brand spankin’ new pigments. Needless to say I was so excited I found myself making all kinds of squeaky noises.

The package arrived very quick, I was counting on a couple of weeks before it would get delivered, because that’s what happened the last time. But I had it in my hands the end of the same week! *Squeee*

I made a lot of pictures. Not just of the swatches but also of the packaging, because a lot of people are curious about stuff like that too. Overseas shipping packages sometimes need a litle more care. As you can see the packaging from MakeUp Geek is really good. Not only are the pigments wrapped in bubble paper but the box is also filled with “popcorn”, to make sure everything arrives in a very good condition.

Make sure you got some time when you click this link because this post is really, really picture heavy…

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Review: Hema Chameleon Purple

A few days ago I showed you the blue duochrome nail polish from Hema. Because I have a huge fetish for purple nailpolishes, I just could not leave this cutie behind.

Hema Chameleon Purple

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Review: Hema Chameleon Cobalt

I read about the new Hema Chameleon nail polishes. There are 6 variations and I’m a total sucker for duochrome nail polishes so I really, really wanted to have some of them. In the end I bought 2 because I first wanted to try them out. I figured I could always buy more if I really like them.

I don’t do a lot of nail polish swatches because my nails are not that long but then I realised: I don’t have a problem with that. So why should you? It’s about the colour that I want to show you, not about my nails. So I sat in my garden and swatched my butt off.
Here’s the first polish I really wanted to show you: Hema Chameleon Cobalt. A true cobalt blue, so pretty!

Hema Chameleon Cobalt

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Golden Rose Scale Effect, which ones are the same?

When I was still blogging for Bloggin’ Beauties I did a blogpost about all the Golden Rose Scale Effect nailpolishes. That blogpost was very popular but now that we’ve taken Bloggin’ Beauties down permanently, I figured I could do another blogpost like it, just to help you make a choice between all the flakie goodness.

The thing is: Golden Rose has 15 different Scale Effect polishes which we also know as flake nail polishes. The first time I saw a flake nail polish it was Gosh Rainbow, but then I saw these from Golden Rose and I completely fell in love because are available in different colours! I got these from Enchantra and I’m still crazy about them. I think I can easily say these are my favourite topcoats of all time.

What I didn’t know was that some of the flakes are actually exactly the same but the polish they’re in has a slightly different colour. Because of the different polish colour a lot of people thing the effect will be different but sadly, it really isn’t. The colour of the polish is so sheer that it doesn’t add anything to the effect. So if you don’t want to buy the same polishes, just look at the swatches that I made and you can make a good decision of which ones you like most.

I swatched over black nailpolish because that’s how you can spot the colours of the flakes best.

Golden Rose Scale Effect nailpolishes

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