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Outfit: Pussy DeLuxe Prima Cherry dress

I was browsing our Dutch variation of e-bay again and I ran into the cutest dress from German brand Pussy DeLuxe.

Usually the products from Pussy DeLuxe don’t really “do it” for me. Sometimes I like the design but when I do, usually the print is just too bright and other times I like the print but the style of clothing just isn’t right for me. Long story short: I love everything about this dress.
And I bought it for only 10 euro’s, while originally it’s about 55 euro’s. Score!

I think the cherry flower print is so cute and the fact that this dress is mainly red with black makes it right up my alley. The geisha-like sleeves just top it all off. 🙂

At the back the red bow ties together. I’m not sure if I need to take the length in a bit, I think I’ll keep it this way because it’s a nice change to most of the dresses I own that are either shorter or longer.

Naturally I had to combine this with a red hairflower, a red holographic pendant that I made myself and I wanted to wear it with bare legs but that was just a little too cold. I think this dress will be perfect for summer!

What do you think? Do you own any Pussy DeLuxe clothing?


My version of a Rose Mortem skirt

As long as I’ve been making clothes I’ve taken inspiration from other peoples design. It’s not like I always recreate something exactly the same as the example I’ve seen but I just like to take bits and pieces of other designs. You can see it as unoriginal but that’s just how my mind works, and if I like something a lot and I can do something like it without spending a lot of money, why not?
Besides, it’s not like anything is original these days, I think I can safely say everything has been done, one time or another.

Anyway, I could go on and on about that subject but I won’t bore you with that rant. Rose Mortem is a clothing company that has inspired more than 1 of my own fabrications. And then I saw this skirt, fel in love with it and found purple fabric. All I had to do was start sewing.

Do you want to see my version?

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Gangsta Pranksta Girl, makeup and outfit

I made this look the day my grandmother was turning 90. Come to think of it: last year I wrote about my grandmother on my mother’s side turning 90, this year it was the grandmother on my father’s side!
I bought some clothes for the occasion, some items from a brand called Lip Service, I wanted to own these for many years but I thought they were just a bit too expensive for me. Lip Service clothes are gorgeous and I love their style but I think 60 euro’s for a top and another 60 for a skirt is just too much. So I was seriously considering making something similar myself when I ran into someone selling these items for 45 euro’s for the skirt AND the top. That’s the kind of stuff that makes me happy.

I made a look that’s pretty simple and it’s made with one of my favourite palettes: the Sleek Graphite palette.

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I was at our drugstore Kruidvat’s event

For years now I’ve been in contact with the lovely people from our local drugstore, Kruidvat. They invite me to their events where they launch their new products and boy, do they know how to organise a good launch. I have some pictures from Kruidvat and Wendy because my camera failed… at home! So I have to rely on other people’s pictures but I had such a great time so I still want to write about it.

The event was called “Feel at home” and they had rented a luxurious house and stashed it full with new products.
We all had a chance to walk around and see the new products that will be in stores soon. But as we entered the house we first got a lovely glass of champagne and a goodiebag that we got to fill with products, how generous is that?? Later on when we got to the kitchen part they also had some fabulous looking bites, ready for us to sink our teeth in.

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Pinskull dress

About a year ago I started to work on this dress but somehow never finished it. So I decided to do that first and after that start working on some other stuff.
I really love the skull fabric but it has no stretch in it at all, so I combined it with some stretchy pinstripe fabric and some plain black stuff and I think it worked out nice together.


You know about my love for maxidresses by now, right? I did it again, lol.


I’m really happy with it and I think I’m going to make a pinstripe bolero with it soon, maybe with shirt and long sleeves because I still have a huge roll of pinstripe fabric, might as well put it to good use, right?

What do you think? Would you wear a dress like this? And if you have any suggestions for a bolero or something I’d love to hear it!

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