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Red and blue star clusters

I thought about doing something with my Universe series again so I picked out a picture that I really liked, got my glitterliners out and had some fun with it.

Here’s the picture I took as inspiration. This time the look came out a bit different from the inspiration but I just love glitter so I like it anyway.

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Red sunset

Lately I haven’t been able to make looks because of eczema and that problem still isn’t completely solved. So far every base I use gives me a bit of eczema on my eyelids… Since the cream to get rid of it, causes higher pressure in the eyes (and that’s  a common problem in my family, which can lead to permanent loss of sight) I’ve just been giving my eyes a rest. I’ll look for solutions of course but right now I’m just waiting for my skin to calm down.

This is the last look I still had in my folders, aside from a tutorial that comes online soon, and after this we’ll have to wait for me to find the big solution before I get back to coloring mah eyeballz. With this look I went for something dark and red. Here’s what happened.

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A Piece of Acid Protection

Some time ago my love and I went to a great concert and I bought a girly from one of the bands: Nile.
I made this look with the colours of my shirt in mind. I also wanted to use a little brown or gold with it to make sure it didn’t look too much like the looks I’ve made before.

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The magpie and the cobra

Woohoo, it’s december 5th!! That might not mean anything to you but in the Netherlands it’s a holiday called Sinterklaas. It’s mostly a kids holiday but a lot of families celebrate it, wether they still believe in Sinterklaas or not. Anything for a party, right?

I still had some blogposts almost ready and I really wanted to get this one online fast because it’s with one of the glitterliners from the Breaking Dawn part 2 collection and… well I really like it. I hope you do to!

This is how my thought process went for this look, or actually a lot of times when I’m working on a makeup look:
“Hmm, let’s do something simple. Don’t feel like doing a complicated look”
“So many pretty colours to choose from, yeah baby.”
“Maybe I could do something more fun with the shape.”
“Shape looks nice but it all looks boring, how can I spice this up?”
“How about a nice extended winged liner”
“Starting to like it”
“Oh I see what I’m missing, NEEDS SPARKLES!!”
“Yeah, me likey”
“Oh I like that one too, use ALL the glitter!!!!!”
“I look like a discoball”
That about sums it up…

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Somewhere over the rainbow

The night before I made this look I was looking at the Sugarpill Pinterest page and not only did I see they featured one of my looks on *this board* (which made me do a little dance, lol ) but I also saw *this* look from Vintage Or Tacky’s Cora and I thought it was so very inspiring!
I’ve seen rainbow looks before and somehow I always love them but I’ve never attempted to do one myself. Well… It’s about time!

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