About me

I’m Dutch girl in her 30’s with a love for make-up. I’ve had blogs before and this is my third blog, third time’s the charm, right?
On this blog I want to be able to still post my looks and other creative stuff that I love to do, but with less pressure of having to write something because I took it upon myself to write every day. Because I don’t want to do that anymore. Been there, done that and with a fulltime job, it stressed me out.

So like I said, I have a fulltime job in psychiatry and I love it. It can be hard and sometimes dirty work but I can really make a change in people’s live when they’re having a hard time and that motivates me to no end. I live together with my great love who I adore. And we have two cats called Nora and Finn and they’re so fun! Basically: life’s gooooood!

If there is anything you want to know you can reach me by e-mail on lisanneblogt@gmail.com

There is no contact address to be found on this blog, if you want to know something about that, please mail me because I don’t feel comfortable putting that info out there for everybody to read. That’s also a bit job-related. 😉

  1. Leuk dat je op kleine schaal toch verder gaat, ik heb echt heel veel opgestoken van jouw looks en vind ze prachtig.
    Ik hoop dat je misschien hier een keer een artikel over fall-out wil maken en zoniet, pech hoor, no pressure :]]
    Heel veel plezier hier en ik kom af en toe gezellig aanwaaien.

  2. Your eyes are so awesome. o.o

  3. i love ur make up 🙂
    and where u live plz 🙂

  4. You have a real talent for make up. When done right, it truly is an art. Even when done “wrong”, it still is an art, but I don’t want to start an endless debate about artistic taste. And psychiatry is so challenging, not sure how you do it.

  5. Sandra de Sousa

    Awesome makeup !!! I wonder how it would look on me but I can’t replicate your style unfortunately. Great blog, looking forward to more.


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