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No time for make-up right now…

I think most people already figured out why there are no updates. I’ve been writing about being pregnant a little in the past updates and that’s the reason why I’ve been completely silent: our son is born!

Ivar in zijn wieg
It’s been 2,5 weeks now and we’re getting the hang of this parenting/baby caring thing. And since I have some time now that he is asleep, I figured I’d write a little blogpost about why there are no updates right now and there won’t be any for some time to come. 🙂

It’s been a very hectic time and even though you know a lot of emotional stuff is coming your way when your child is born, I don’t think you’re ever fully prepared for it until you’ve been there. And I’m not even mentioning the hormones. Ever heard of so-called momnesia or mummy brain? Look it up, it’s a real thing and let me just tell you: it blows. Thank the lords of glitter it’s starting to fade away and I can actually think on my own again. Well, a little bit.

Anyway, his name is Ivar. He is in good health and so am I and that’s the most important thing.

Right now my mind isn’t into makeup at all, maybe after a few weeks I’ll get the urge to slap some colour on my face again. The most exciting thing I do right now, make-up wise, is some blush, concealer and mascara. And I’m totally ok with that. So I hope to glitter away in some time but don’t count on it for at least another month. We all need time to get used to each other and our new lives. If you have any questions at all about any of this, just write them in the comments and I’ll gladly answer them.
I don’t know if I’ll write about life with the baby in the future, maybe but maybe I’ll just keep my blog about makeup.
Time will tell. 🙂

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