Caroline’s Constellation

Just a quick blogpost about a nailpolish!

About a week ago I posted in one of the Facebook nail groups I’m in that I was looking for a black nail polish with multicolour flecks or glitter. Not the chunky kind of glitter but the kind that you just start to notice when you really look at the polish a bit more up close. I have one that’s from an Essence duo called Ticket To The Show but that’s a tiny bottle and I really like the effect. But all the suggestions I got were either very different from what I was looking for or not completely black. And I really like me a beautiful black nailpolish.
Lucky for me the fantabulous Caroline from Lacquester is in that group too. She got in action and within no time at all, she made this polish!

It’s a bit different from the original but in all honesty: I love the one from Lacquester way more. Not in the least because it’s unique, obviously. But also because it’s a true black polish with a bit more sparkle than the original has and it catches the eye just a bit more. LOOOOOVE IT!

I’m no good at nailpolish shots, I’m fully aware. They usually look a bit sloppy, my cuticles are dry and my polishing is not even near perfect. But it’s about the polish and I’m just really excited about this one, so I just had to show it off a bit 🙂

Just one last picture!

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Lacquester webshop but please do check it out, she’s an amazing Indie nailpolish webshop that deserves all the attention she can get. She makes great quality nailpolishes that are very special. You can just tell she put’s a lot of effort and love in her products. Oh and she didn’t name this polish, so I named it Caroline’s Constellation, haha.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this polish, you like it? Do you have any makeup products that were just a bit special to you because they are rare or even unique?

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