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Autumn Golden Purple

I told you about my idea to do more autumn inspired looks on my Facebook page and I started searching for pictures right away. I ran into this beauty pretty fast.

Purple autumn leaves with light gold

Isn’t it stunning? As you probably all know I’m a sucker for purple and combined with this light golden colour it’s really stunning to me. So I got out my palettes and tried to recreate something like this on my eyelids. Or actually, eyelid, because I only did one eye. I did make fullface pictures though.

I loved this look so much that I decided not to just upload it on my Facebook page but to also make a blogpost out of it. I really hope you like it too. 🙂

Autumn Golden and Purple1 by Lisanne Blogt

I basically got out all my purples and trust me: that’s a LOT! I pretty soon decided not to go overboard with all kinds of different shades. I really wanted it to be rich and dark and… well, autumny. I also thought the colours purple on the inspirational picture were pretty warm and pink toned so I tried to select those colours in my range of purples too.

Autumn Golden and Purple by Lisanne Blogt

Autumn Golden and Purple3 by Lisanne Blogt

I used some colours of my favourite brand again: Sugarpill.
Their Poison Plum is pretty much the perfect shade of purple for what I had in mind. Later I also added Hysteric to the middle part of the moving lid to make it a bit lighter. And since it’s a look with some gold in it, I couldn’t resist using a tiny bit of Goldilux too. I mixed Goldilux with a pale gold from my Sleek Safari palette to get a better tone of gold.

Autumn Golden and Purple5 by Lisanne Blogt

I also used my MAC Push The Edge pigment and Urban Decay Rockstar pigments. Those are the darkest purple pigments I have and it really created some depth and tone that I was looking for. It also added the tiny bit of glitter in the outer corner and I liked that too, even though I tried to contain myself. Once I get going with the sparkles I usually tend to go overboard, lol.

Autumn Golden and Purple6 by Lisanne Blogt

Autumn Golden and Purple7 by Lisanne Blogt

As you can see I also added the gold from Goldilux to my waterline to really get that golden accent to sparkle the way it does in the picture that inspired all this. I added some liquid liner but I tried to keep it at a thin line so it wouldn’t go over all the purple goodness. 🙂

And like I said: some fullface pictures with just the one eye. I didn’t feel like doing both eyes because I was going to take it all off after this anyway. But I did want to show it with some lipstick. I first thought I’d do a dark lipstick with it but when I got to the lipstick I figured that would be too much. So I used a darker shade of rose I still have from an old range of Catrice lippies called Burgundy.

Autumn Golden and Purple fullface1 by Lisanne Blogt

Autumn Golden with Purple fullface 2 by Lisanne Blogt

I just adore this look, what do you think?

The next look in this series might have to wait a couple of days because in the upcoming days I have a lot of fun stuff planned. My love and I are going to the Efteling with both our parents tomorrow and after that we have a lot of visits to friends planned. We’re bascially going to tour through all the Netherlands, lol. We just got home from our vacation in Macedonia and we have some days off work left so we decided to use them to cram full of fun stuff. Yay 😀

I do think I’ll do another blogpost about the upcoming autumn looks. Are there any colours you really want to see in this series? Please let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page!


Some of my latest looks

I’ve decided to do some updates with a summary of the latest looks I made, I’m going to link to my page if you click on the look so you can see more of the pictures I made of it. I hope that way I reach some more people. Another advantage of putting the looks here on my blog is that I can add them to pinterest. I’ll also do a little personal update at the end of this blogpost. If you don’t want to read random stuff about my life, makeup, my pregnancy or anything like that, just look at the pretty pictures and skip the text below, mmkay?

I told you a long time ago about the Garden Of Eden palette I got from Enchantra. I still use that palette a lot because I’ve been doing a lot more neutral or brown looks lately. I don’t know why. I used to think those looks are kinda boring but these days it’s basically one of my go-to colours for a makeup look.

What I liked about this look is that I finally managed to make a look with white on the waterline. Well, I made those in the past but when I got to the fullface pictures it always looked weird for some reason. And it wasn’t just me, you guys also commented it looked strange, lol. Thanks for that! Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s good to hear feedback like that and to know my eyes are not actually deceiving me.
The brown colour in this palette is a very warm shade and I really like that.

Forbidden Paradise

Next is the first look I made with Sugarpill’s Olivia, I also used some of the dark brown colours from my Kat von D Saint palette, which I still adore.
Olivia is a Limited Edition pigment in a stunning olive green tone, it also has some gold in it. I’ve used it in a lot of looks and I’m so happy I got it in my stash now.

I linked this picture to my album on Facebook because I editted the pictured to add a description and somehow that way you lose the timeline update. as a whole. Very weird, but hey… lessons learned . 🙂

Saint Olivia

This look was made with some of my all time favourite blue/green colours. It has MAC Steamy in it, Sugarpill Magpie and subterranean. But they blended into each other so well that I can’t actually pinpoint one colour from another.
I really like the combination though, gives a cool gradient, dont you think?

Subterranean Steam

This look was just for the fun of it. I wanted to do something really green again (Supergreen!) and just threw together some stuff I had, together with Eye Kandy Cosmetics glitters to give it that extra emerald sparkle. It didn’t really work out as charing as I had in mind but that’s ok. It was fun to play with. 🙂


This look is actually pretty old, well, just a couple of months old. I was still waiting for Sugarpill Olivia to arrive in my mailbox and I tried to find a colour in my stash that was a bit similar. I found it in Gosh Apple Jam pigment, although it’s not really the same. The colour combination turned out nice though, I really like this one!

I had to link back to the Facebook album again instead of the status update. That was pretty much the last time I screwed that up, I promise!

Apple Smoothie

This look was also made with the Kat von D Saint palette, I added some Sugarpill Goldilux for sparkly fun. Almost all of these colours have shimmer and I really like that about it. I don’t have a lot to say about this one, it’s just nice but not extraordinary in my humble opinion.


This is my latest update, I did this one a couple of hours before I wrote this blogpost. It’s the first look I  used on my Facebook page with my brand spankin’ new W7 palette called In The Buff. It’s a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.
Well, it’s not a complete and total dupe because some colours are slightly different and the casing of the palette supposedly is not as good as the original. But for the price difference of at lease 20 euro’s, I’m more than prepared to accept those differences. And it’s a good palette to quench that thirst for brown and neutral looks I’ve been having lately.

Shopping Spree

That’s it as far as makeup look updates on my Facebook page. I hope you liked these looks!

As far as for me, I’ve been going through a rollercoaster lately. I’m 12 weeks pregnant now and it’s been exciting but also a bit scary. Such responsibility!
I’m one of those people that tends to worry about a lot of things, especially when I’m doing something for the first time. And having a baby… well, that’s huge! So I’m trying my best to think about the fun and happy stuff. 🙂 I guess it’s because of everything that’s happening but probably also the hormones because I’ve been dreaming the craziest stuff lately and usually I wake up with a heavy heart because I even worry in my dreams. Stupid, huh? It’s difficult to let go of all the daily stuff when you go to bed if you know you’re just going to have more weird ass emotional turmoil once you lay your head down. But it’s ok, I’m getting a grip on all that and I’m sure it will all work out fine eventually.

I haven’t had vacation yet and my love and I also didn’t have vacation last year because we had a new kitchen installed. But just 5 more days of hard work and then I finally have 20 full days of blissfull nothing! I’m starting to feel drained and I’m just so excited to go on vacation with 2 great friends of ours. It’s going to be so much fun! It’s also going to be strange not being ablt to drink alcohol on vacation, though. I’m a real sucker for having a nice beer or wine on a terrace somewhere and I guess I’ll just have to stick to non alcoholic beverages this time. It’s not a problem of course but it’ll take some adjusting to my normal routine. But hey, if it means my baby and I are both healthy that’s more than worth it.

Please let me know your thoughts on these looks or on this personal stuff in the comments. I’m curious to know what you think. 😀

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