Review: Sleek Garden of Eden palette

When I saw promopictures of this palette I knew I had to have it. Just had to!
All the colours in it are so beautiful and if I could make a palette, I even think it would be a lot like this one. There are a loads of green shimmery and matte colours in it, so even if the rest wouldn’t be interesting to me I’d still want it. But the other colours are browns, pinks and purples in various finishes and the combination of those colours make this one of the most usable palette’s for all kinds of eyecolours.
It just looked too perfect to be true!!

Review: Sleek Garden Of Eden palette

But my last Sleek experience wasn’t as great as I’m used to from Sleek and I read some negative reviews about this palette too.
Those reviews were negative because of the bad pigmentation of some eyeshadows in this palette. Would this be it? Would Sleek let me down again and crush my love for this brand completely? Would this be the last addition to my Sleek palette collection because, as so many brands out there, they are just not worth the money anymore?

The lovely people from Enchantra were kind enough to send me this palette so I could see for myself.

Read on to find out what I think of Sleek’s Garden of Eden.

As we all know from Sleek, they use a pretty basic casing for their palette’s. I really like it because I love uniformity when it comes to my palettes. It’s practical because you can easily stack them and the shining Sleek MakeUp logo on the matte lid just looks pretty to me.
If the product is good, it doesn’t need a lot of crazy gadgets or decorations to make a statement.

Review Sleek Garden Of Eden palette casing

On the inside we find the familiar mirror and 12 pan’s of eyeshadow. It also has another applicator but I never use those. If Sleek ever want’s to step it up even more, they would replace that with a good brush, in my humble opinion.

review: Sleek Garden Of Eden palette

Sleek Garden of Eden palette open

I really like the theme of this palette, and the names of the eyeshadows are a very nice pick. As usual, there is a plastic sheet in the palette so you can see the names of the eyeshadows if you put it over the pans.

Sleek Garden Of Eden palette, with names

As I said before: these eyeshadows have different finishes. Some eyeshadow have a strong shimmer, some are matte with a tiny little glitter in it and some are matte.
I usually really like the shimmery eyeshadows from Sleek but I’m never a big fan of eyeshadows with glitter in it, when you blend the eyeshadow it almost always fades out the glitter and you end up with glitter fall out. And glitter fall out can be a b*tch to clean up. The matte eyeshadows from Sleek are usually great but I was not happy at all with the matte eyeshadows in my Sleek Candy palette, so I was hoping they would get it right with this new addition to the Sleek family.

Let’s move on to swatches, shall we?

This is the top row of the palette, so almost all the brownish an purple colours. And I must say, I’m not at all disappointed, not at all!

Gates of Eden is a beautiful shimmery golden eyeshadow, a bit on the orange side but not too overwhelming. This colourwill look great in the inner corner of the eye or on the moving eyelid. Good pigmentation and nice strong shimmer.

Eve’s Kiss is a sweet colour that ias somewhere between pink and lavender. It also has a strong shimmer and good pigmentation. Light colours like this and Gates of Eden always have a way of brightening up a look.

Paradise On Earth is a lot like Eve’s Kiss but without the pink. So basically a light lavender purple. I really like this colour a lot! Also with a shimmer and good pigmentation.

Python is another of those “blended colours”, it sit’s between purple, mauve and brown in my opinion. Maybe a bit of taupe? Again with shimmer and great pigmentation. I can not wait to use this colour in a look!

Forbidden, unfortunately, let me down a bit. It’s the first matte eyeshadow I’ve tried from this palette and it’s a risky colour to make matte, I would describe it as mauve with a bit of grey in it. If it would have had shimmer it probably would have looked a lot like Python and I also like to use shimmery and matte colours together. But this colour is not really a superhero in pigmentation. The colour also fades a bit on the colour of my skin and I might use it as a fading out colour in the crease. Other than that I think this will be a difficult colour to use in a look. I read somewhere this colour is supposed to have some glitter in it, but I haven’t been able to find it.

Flora makes up a bit for Forbidden, it’s a brown colour that leans a little bit towards taupe. Just a bit. πŸ˜‰ It has a slight satin finish and pretty good pigmentation. This colour reminds me of the brown colours in my Kat von D Saint palette, which I use a lot lately. So yay for Flora!

Entwined is the only colour in this palette, as far as I could see, with glitter in it. Like I said before: I’m usually not a big fan of eyeshadows with glitter. But there have been exceptions to prove that rule and I must say I kinda like this colour. the little touch of golden glitter makes the colour very warm and beautiful. The pigmentation is good although it’s not as great as Flora, but still a nice colour pay off. If there would have been a lot more glittery matte eyeshadows in this palette I might not have been too happy. But since this is the only one and it actually performs pretty good, it’s a nice addition to the bunch.

Adam’s Apple… yikes Sleek, this is where you should have made a different choice in colour. It’s such a shame, I really had to layer the colour on again and again and it still doesn’t look good. Light green colours are not easy to get right, they have to be very vibrant or they’ll fade away at your skin or look a bit ashy or dirty. This colours does that all, it lacks pigmentation, fades away in the colour of my skin Γ‘nd the colour itself looks dirty and just…. BLURGH! Looks nice in the palette, doesn’t work in reality. Moving on.

Fig is so pretty, a golden green, very beautiful colour! I thought I had a colour like this in my Mediterranean palette or my Circus palette but those all turn out to be different shades. Very good pigmentation again and great to work with because these shimmery colours all blend very well.

Evergreen is the “colder sister” of Fig. This colour is more blue toned but both are quite light shades of green. I’ll have to use both these colours in a look soon, just to see if they still stand out if I put them next to each other.

Fauna is just a stunner. The darkest shimmery colour green in this palette and also a bit blue toned. It reminds me of Subterranean from Sugarpill but this colour is actually lighter. I really like colours like this.

Tree of Life is one of my favourites. This matte green colour is amazingly pigmented and such a deep green colour. It reminds me a lot of Fern from the Sleek Darks Mattes palette but it’s actually a teensy tiny bit more blue toned than Fern. I love using eyeshadows like this in my crease with green looks and I’m very happy this one is so well pigmented. Matte colours are a bit more difficult to blend but to me personally the Sleek eyeshadows are some of the better matte eyeshadows to work with.

This whole palette is stunning and I’m so very happy to have it. Thanks again to Enchantra for sending it to me.
The colours are great and very easy to work with. However, there are just a few colours less pigmented than I’m used to from the Sleek palettes.
But his palette is still worth every single penny if you’re a sucker for beautiful natural browns and green colours. I already made a look with this palette as I’m writing this review and I hope I can show it to you soon because the colours are amazing “in action”!

What do you think of this palette? Is it something you would buy? Do you like the colours? Which row is your favourite, the top one or the bottom one? And what colours would you really like to see combined in a look?
Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. I REALLY have to try out Sleek! Their palettes look so good πŸ™‚

    • Hi! I tagged you in a really fun tag called the Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty tag! πŸ˜€ If you want to check it out, go to!

  2. Qua kleuren is dit palette helemaal een spekkie naar je bekkie he? πŸ˜‰ Dankjewel voor je uitgebreide artikel. Fijn dat je blij bent met het palette. We zijn benieuwd naar je look!

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