Falling leaves

Ok, is anybody discovering a theme here? Most of the looks I posted lately have been inspired by autumn or the falling leaves so I made an autumn tag for them.If you like autumn colours, make sure to check out the tag!

This look also has those gorgeous deep dark colours in them. I was riding my bike home from work and I saw a tree with a lot of brown and reddish leaves, some yellow and some were still green. It was such a beautiful sight and I remembered those colours for next day so I could make a look with them.

I actually wanted to use all matte colours because I thought that would emphasize the autumn theme a bhit more. But I just couldn’t resist adding some sparkly Sugarpill Goldilux in the middle of the matte yellow colour.
I tried sticking with matte green and matte red but I used a shimmery highlighter, also from Sugarpill.

The green colour is from MakeUp Store and it has a little bit of gold in it, I think it really works with the golden colour from Goldilux.

I wanted to use a nude lip for this look but the lipstick doesn’t really show up on the pictures. I would have liked these pictures a bit more with a more glossy lip or maybe just a bit more colour. What do you think?

I really like the colour combination again, but I just have a really big soft spot for autumn colours. I have an intense hate for autumn weather because it rains a lot around here but the colours are a huge inspiration. Every year around autumn I just get mesmerized with these colours, I just wish it wasn’t so cold and wet. That way autumn would just be perfect. Oh well, at least it doesn’t snow yet. 🙂

What do you think? Do you like the autumn colours? And what lip colour would you have used with this look? Do you enjoy autumn or is the cold and wet weather just a burden to you?
Let me know in the comments!

Products used


  • Gosh Waterproof Mineral Eyeshadow Stick, Brown
  • MakeUp Store Eyeshadow, Carpe Diem
  • MakeUp Store Eyeshadow, City Jungle
  • Sugarpill Goldilux
  • Sugarpill Love+
  • Sugarpill Diamond Eyes
  • Sugarpill Asteria
  • Kat von D Saint palette, Caravaggio
  • MakeUp Geek White Lies
  • Catrice gelliner, Black Jack with Jack Black
  • Gosh Eyeliner pen, black
  • NYC Showtime mascara
  • Gosh Kohl / Eyeliner, black


  • Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, Ivory
  • Catrice Camouflage Cream, Rosy Beige
  • Max Factor Masterpiece Color Precision Eyeshadow, Pearl Beige
  • Sleek blush, Fenberry


  • Rimmel Lipstick, Kate Moss 03
  • Catrice Nude Sensation Limited Edition lipstick, Nude Brown

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  1. This is so beautiful, I love it.
    I’m definitely a person who enjoys the cold weather of the autumn and winter; I’m not sure how people survive in the summer. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! I adore that pop on green on the inner corner. Very different and beautiful!

  3. I guess a glossy lip would’ve been nice, yeah, but this doesn’t take away from the make up which is lovely!

  4. Mooie look, vooral met dat groene in de binnenste ooghoek heel origineel !

  5. Hi! Its been forever….Loving the clear application of colors and supreme blending skills, you are an eyeshadow master. I love both the colors and the chill of fall, plus the chance to wear snuggly clothes!

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