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Dark Autumn Days

When I made the Gloomy Autumn look I wanted to use some dark colours and I really liked the result. But I’ve always liked dark colours in my makeup so that’s not exactly a surprise. After that I wanted to do “something green” and like Gloomy Autumn, not with too many colours. Maybe some glitter?
Here’s what happened.

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Subterranean Apples

It’s been a while since my last update!

Sorry about that. I’ve been focussing my attention on other things lately. My love and I bought a new game called Guild Wars 2 and we’re completely addicted. On top of that I’m giving a course at work and I love doing it but it’s also exhausting because I’m still learning (and stressing out about it). So  when I come home or when I have a day off, I just want to relax and do whatever I feel like.
I’ll get back to doing more makeup in a couple of weeks. But for now, you’ll just have to bear with me because I’m trying very hard to keep the balance between funtime and working hard on something I find difficult. I hope you understand!

I told you about the Sleek Candy palette and I wasn’t completely overwhelmed with the colours. I wanted to try the palette as soon as possible so I picked a few colours and tried some stuff out.

In the end, I only used two colours from the palette but I do like how those looked, combined with Sugarpill Subterranean and Soot & Stars.

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