Tutorial: Quite Colorful Quetzal

At Linda’s request I made a tutorial for the Quite Colorful Quetzal look. She liked the colour combination and she also provided me with the perfect blue/teal colour for it! When I made the original look, I had to mix a lot of colours to get close to the colour of the bird and she mentioned Sugarpill’s Darling might just be perfect for the job.

When I received Darling I was pretty sure this would fit perfectly so I got to work right away. I used some other products from the original look but that only makes this tutorial easier than it originally was. I also made it a bit lighter but that’s just to make it a bit more wearable, just pile on some more colour if you want this look to be more smokey.

I’m sorry about the quality of some pictures, they are not always a 100% sharp. I didn’t take too many pictures of each step and because of that I sometimes only had a choice out of 3 pictures, none of them being entirely sharp. My battery was almost empty so a lesson for next time: recharge battery first!

As always, start with a clean eye. Use a primer if your makeup tends to crease and spread the primer thinly all over the eyelid.

This is Darling Sugarpill, use it on the outer part of the moving eyelid.

Then, use Acidberry from the Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette on the inner corner of the moving eyelid and also apply it on the lower part of the inner corner.

Use a dark brown eyeshadow, I used  Paper Bag from my Sleek Darks Mattes palette. Use it on a blending brush and start with a thin layer, you’ll have to build up the colour as you go along. That way you reduce fall out and you get the most precise application.

Start applying this colour in the crease but not on the outer part of your eye, start a bit below the brow.

That way you get most colour there, blend out on the crease, like this.

Repeat that step a couple of times, always starting at the same point. That way the colour is most intense there and because that point is a bit above your eye, it makes your eyes look bigger. I forgot to make a picture after I did that but you’ll see the result in other pictures.

Then take the white colour from Sleek Darks Mattes called Pillow Talk.

Apply it below the brow to blend out the brown a little more.

Take a highlighter with a golden shimmer. I used Gold Dust from Gosh but you can use any colour you have as long as it has a bit of a golden shimmer.

Don’t use too much of this, you don’t want the gold to overpower the look. Just a wash of gold is enough.

I used Gosh Apple Jam on top of the lime green Acidberry from Sugarpill, this gives the matte colour some sparkle.

Now use a black eyepencil, I used one from Gosh because I like how soft it is. Apply the eyepencil near your lower lashline.

Apply Sugarpill Darling on the middle of the lower lashline.

Use the same brown colour on the outer part of the lower lashline.

This is the result you’re going for, more or less.

Take your eyeliner. I always prefer gelliners but you can also use any other eyeliner if you like those better. Just make sure you have a very fine brush, that’s key in this look.

First apply a normal line near the top lashline.

Now wing it out to a point BELOW the outer point of your brow. You don’t want this wing up too high or you won’t have space for the other points.

Apply a second wing close above the first wing.

And apply wing number 3. Make then almost equally long, but the bottom wing should be the longest,

Now wet your eyeliner brush. I’m not talking a little moist, just stick it in a glass of water for a second. You need to make small lines with a very fine brush and that doesn’t work if you can’t pack the colour on your brush. Just make sure you don’t get clumps and if you do, brush them off on your hand.

Apply 2 lines of colour between the 3 black lines.

Also apply black eyepencil to your waterline and apply mascara to your lashes.

That’s it, you’re done with the eye.

You can use any face products you want. I used a highlighter on my cheeks, a slightly orange brown lipstick and some blush.

Here’s the end result.

And some full face pictures, of course you can use any other colour of face products if that’s what you prefer.

I still really like this look and I love the Darling pigment from Sugarpill, it was one of the few colours still on my wishlist! Thanks so much to Linda for sending me one. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you can make this look work for you.

What do you think, are you going to wear this 3-winged look? What do you think of Sugarpill Darling?
Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. Beautiful! A lot of precise work with the liner 🙂

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