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Autumn Sugar

I wanted to create a look with these colours because the weather sucks around here, we get loads of rain and I feel like we just shot ourselves from a great warm summer into a dreary autumn. Somehow, in a few days all the trees have lost their leaves and it’s starting to get cold inside!
So autumn colours seemed appropriate. I wanted to combine some of my latest Sugarpill beauties, including one of the colours from the Cold Chemistry palette I got from Enchantra, here’s what it turned out like.

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Darling birdy

Some time ago I got an amazing pigment from Enchantra called Darling. I saw a picture of a bird called a Racket Tailed Roller on Pinterest.
It’s gorgeous pale but intense teal feathers reminded me of the colour Darling but also of Sugarpill’s Lumi. And I could easily imitate those beautiful brown feathers with my Kat von D Saint palette.

So on one of my last days of vacation, I got my pigments together and got to work on this cute birdy look. Isn’t he adorable?

Here’s what happened.

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Review: Sleek Candy palette

Some time ago my friend Wendy went to England, and she asked me if there was anything makeup related wanted to have. I instantly thought of the Limited Edition palette from Sleek, from the Candy Collection. It has a lot of sweet and bright colours in it. Since I have loads and loads of dark eyeshadows and palettes, but not these kind of colours, I thought this would be a nice addition to my collection!

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Gloomy Autumn

Some time ago I saw *this* look from Bitter Starlite and I instantly fell in love with the dark colours she used, such a beautiful autumn look. I wanted to do something like it but not the same, I like giving my own twist to looks like this.

So I used a colour that’s also a deep dark brownish red from MAC, called Heritage Rouge. I combined it with one of my favourite pigments from Essence, the Breaking Dawn part 2 collection, which is a very dark purple.
And a matte highlighter, but that’s it! No other colours, just dark autumny colours. And I love the result!

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Tutorial: Quite Colorful Quetzal

At Linda’s request I made a tutorial for the Quite Colorful Quetzal look. She liked the colour combination and she also provided me with the perfect blue/teal colour for it! When I made the original look, I had to mix a lot of colours to get close to the colour of the bird and she mentioned Sugarpill’s Darling might just be perfect for the job.

When I received Darling I was pretty sure this would fit perfectly so I got to work right away. I used some other products from the original look but that only makes this tutorial easier than it originally was. I also made it a bit lighter but that’s just to make it a bit more wearable, just pile on some more colour if you want this look to be more smokey.

I’m sorry about the quality of some pictures, they are not always a 100% sharp. I didn’t take too many pictures of each step and because of that I sometimes only had a choice out of 3 pictures, none of them being entirely sharp. My battery was almost empty so a lesson for next time: recharge battery first!

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