Review: Catrice Purple Reign

I bought this polish a long time ago and also made the pictues back then but I never got around to doing the blogpost about it. So this is a good time to kick myself in the butt and show you this purple beauty.

Catrice Purple Reign

Purple Reign is a gorgeous dark purple base with tiny blue flecks in it. Especially if you look up close it’s just a stunner and it looks amazing in the bottle. It’s one of those polishes you just keep staring at with your nails almost pressed into your face, lol.

Like I said: it looks great in the bottle, you can really see the flecks pressed up to the glass.

The polish applies good, as most Catrice polishes do. It’s not too thin, not goopy or thick and the wide brush always works like a charm. It took me only 2 coats to get the colour opaque.

Unfortunately the blue flecks don’t really look very obvious when you’re wearing this polish on your nails. When you look at this polish in a flash it looks just plain purple. Even though it’s a gorgeous shade of purple, it’s a bit disappointing how the blue flecks are a bit too dark to really get noticed.
Maybe I would have liked this polish a bit better if the blue and purple colour in this polish weren’t so similar. For example: if the blue flecks would have been a bit lighter, maybe they would catch the eye a bit more.

Oh well, eiter way it’s a beautiful nail polish. Just not entirely what I was expecting.

I bought this polish with some discount but Catrice nail polishes are not expensive, they usually cost €2,99. This colour is still available at our local Kruidvat drugstores.

What do you think? Would you buy this colour? Do you like the secret blue sparkle enough to get over the fact that it doesn’t really “pop”? Do you ever have nail polishes that look soooo great and promising in the bottle but just don’t really work the same on your nails?
Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hmm the flecks sort of get lost in the purple sea.. D: it is still beautiful though as you say.

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