Review: Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette

As you may know I have a huge soft spot for Sugarpill products. And Sugarpill has been releasing a lot of new products lately, I especially had my eye on the Cold Chemistry palette. Dark colours and all with an amazing shimmer, yes please!
So it made me very happy when Linda from Enchantra told me these palettes had arrived at their store.

Sugarpill has a lot of pressed eyeshadows but almost all of them are matte and some have a sparkle in it. That’s what makes this palette so different because these colours are all extremely shimmery and sparkly. And much to my delight, it arrived at my doorstep this week!!
I squealed while unpacking…

Here’s what Sugarpill has to say about it:

A luxury eyeshadow collection created in collaboration with Amelia Arsenic, designer of cult fashion and art brand A is for Arsenic London.

This dark collision of glamour and nocturnal worlds features four richly pigmented, shimmering meteoric shades which blend seamlessly together. The collection combines Amelia’s dark aesthetic with Sugarpill’s trademark velvety smooth eyeshadow formula.

Colors: Soot & Stars, Diamond Eyes, Elemental Chaos, Subterranean

If you want to know more, please click the link to go to the full review and loads of swatches.

The cover you see on the picture above is actually the packaging of the palette. The palette closes with a little magnet as usual and I guess they want to prevent it from opening during the journey to the owner, so they put this slide around it.

The palette is different from their other ones, usually they have the colours 2 by 2 but now all the colours are next to each other.
The graphic design of the palette is also very different. Usually their products are packed in bright colours with cute prints but this is a bit more styled, dark but also elegant in my opinion.

I also like the back because the colours and their names are represented with diamonds instead of just circles with the names in it, as they usually do.

It has a cool shaped mirror in the inside lid of the palette.

Isn’t it beautiful? The pans are their usual size, which is huge when you compare them to a lot of other brands. They contain 3,5 grams of eyeshadow each. Trust me, that’s enough for a looooooong time. 😉

Of course I also made swatches. These are all made on a primer because I never use eyeshadow without a primer. I made pictures of the swatch in sunlight and in the shade because it shows the colours at their best.

Soot & Starts is a very deep charcoal grey colour. I thought it was black, like Bulletproof when I saw the first promo pictures, but that colour is matte and an intense black.
In this eyeshadow there’s the pearl sheen that makes it a lot different. And sparkles! When you look at this eyeshadow in the sun, the sparkles seem to be different colours. In the shade they’re mainly silver but no matter what colour they are; they stay in the eyeshadow very well. Some eyeshadows with glitter end up as a matte eyeshadow with a circle of glitter around it but rest assured: that’s not the case with Soot & Stars!

Soot & Stars swatch in sunlight

Soot & Stars swatch in shade

Diamond Eyes is the white colour in the palette. It’s a cool colour with a very intense shimmer that makes it a bit of a frosty, icy coolness. I think this would be great as a highlighter but only if you use this colour VERY lightly or as an accent line under the brow. I don’t think it should be used underneath the entire brow because this colour is just too pigmented for that. It might make your look a bit too white and over the top. But hey, to each it’s own, right? 😉

Diamond Eyes swatch in sunlight

Diamond Eyes swatch in shade

Elemental Chaos Is a cool toned purple colour, which I adore. I think you just can’t go wrong with purple eyeshadow. No matter what tone it is. 😀
This eyeshadow also has a lot of shimmer and I can just imagine using it with all kinds of other colours. Somehow it reminds me of the purple pigments from Sugarpill, probably because those are also cool toned purples.

Elemental Chaos swatch in sunlight

Elemental Chaos swatch in shade

Subterranean is a greyish green colour. Very cool toned and it reminds me of mossy caves, so that basically tells you it lives up to it’s name.
This eyeshadow also reminds me of a pigment by the same brand called Junebug. But that one is a bit more green than grey.

I want to say so much about this eyeshadow because I think it’s absolutely amazing but I think in this case, pictures tell more than a thousand words.

Subterranean swatch in sunlight

Subterranean swatch in shade

All 4 eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and sooooooo smooth! They just glide on your skin and they are very, very pigmented. These eyeshadows truly are the best quality eyeshadow I have.

I also made a comparison because these eyeshadows reminded me a lot of some different products I own. I always think it’s fun to see new eyeshadows compared to some other colours from other brands.

I compared Soot & Stars to Sleek Gun Metal from the Bad Girl palette. It’s not the same at all, though. I also compared it to Urban Decay Barracuda from the Black palette. That colour is close but has a lot less sparkly fun in it and is not as pigmented as Soot & Stars.

I first thought Diamond Eyes would be a lot like a frosty white eyeshadow I have from 2True. However, that one is far less pigmented and more powdery. Then my eye fell on the white colour from the Bad Girl palette and that one is a lot closer to the colour from Sugarpill. But Innocence from Sleek is even more frosty and again, less pigmented. I had to build up the sleek colour while the colour from Sugarpill is just 1 stroke with my brush.

After that I compared Elemental Chaos to Sugarpill Hysteric and Weekender. I pretty much knew they wouldn’be the same because it would be weird if they produced the same colours in different forms, but I just wanted to see the difference. The pigments are more sparkly. Hysteric is a warmer colour and Weekender is lighter, more lavender.
There is a purple colour in the Sleek Graphite palette that is close when it just comes to the colour it self. But it lacks the sparkly fun Elemental Chaos has. 😉

And last but not least I compared Subterranean to some green pretties I have. Sugarpill Junebug is, like I said, more green and more sparkly. The dark green colour from Sleek Bad Girl called Intoxicated is pretty close, though. But again: less sparkly. They do seem pretty much the same when it comes to she colour itself. I also compared it to Urban Decay Protest pigment because it’s also a muted green with glitter. But as you can see they  don’t even look like they’re related.

You can buy the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette at Enchantra *here*. As usual with the Sugarpill products they are not cheap: at Enchantra they cost €33,99. I can not tell you enough how great the quality of their products it. It it truly worth every single cent you spend on it.

Me and my love are working on our house so the moments we’re not at our work we are either painting walls, moving furniture around or putting down a new floor and stuff like that. Can you imagine how frustrating it is that I can’t just drop everything and get to work with this baby? The moment I have an hour (or 2) I’ll make a look with this palette, promise!

What do you think of the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette? Do you like these colours? What colour do you like most? And how would you use Diamond Eyes in a look?
Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. Omgomgomg >_< GORGEOUS!

  2. Looks so beautiful!

  3. Oh especially the green is fabulous! The price of Sugarpill always scares me a bit but one of those days I will no longer be able to resist the temptation 🙂 Love your blog btw!!!

    • I completely understand your hesitation to buy products for this price, but trust me when I tell you they are so worth it. Sugarpill, in my humble opinion is THE best brand of makeup there is.
      Thanks for commenting, I’m so glad you like my blog 😀 I checked out yours and you make great colorful looks! And you have beautiful eyes.

  4. OMG those are gorgeous! I love the green and purple shade. And that packaging, damn. Looks perfect ❤ I wanna have it now

  5. I can’t wait for my palette to arrive!

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