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Review: Catrice Purple Reign

I bought this polish a long time ago and also made the pictues back then but I never got around to doing the blogpost about it. So this is a good time to kick myself in the butt and show you this purple beauty.

Catrice Purple Reign

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Liquid Sunset

When I started to work on this look I wanted to do make it deep, but bright orange with a pale gold center. Obviously it turned out a little different, lol.
I just kept finding all kinds of pretty eyeshadows that worked very well with the colours I was already using, so I just let the original idea go and had some fun with it.

It’s a look with a lot of autumn colours, but it also reminded me of a sunset because of the bright golden colour in the middle.

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Hot Chemistry

The blogpost before this one was about the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette I got from Enchantra. I absolutely adore it and the colours are just so pigmented and vibrant, I couldn’t wait to see them “in action”. But I didn’t have a lot of time because, even though I do have vacation from work right now, I have to work on our house with my love.
We’re installing a new floor the next few days, painted the entire livingroom in the passed week and next week we’re getting a new kitchen. Lot’s of work left to do!

But I was so happy when I found an hour of free time to just try Cold Chemistry out. I used all the colours and here is the result.

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Review: Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette

As you may know I have a huge soft spot for Sugarpill products. And Sugarpill has been releasing a lot of new products lately, I especially had my eye on the Cold Chemistry palette. Dark colours and all with an amazing shimmer, yes please!
So it made me very happy when Linda from Enchantra told me these palettes had arrived at their store.

Sugarpill has a lot of pressed eyeshadows but almost all of them are matte and some have a sparkle in it. That’s what makes this palette so different because these colours are all extremely shimmery and sparkly. And much to my delight, it arrived at my doorstep this week!!
I squealed while unpacking…

Here’s what Sugarpill has to say about it:

A luxury eyeshadow collection created in collaboration with Amelia Arsenic, designer of cult fashion and art brand A is for Arsenic London.

This dark collision of glamour and nocturnal worlds features four richly pigmented, shimmering meteoric shades which blend seamlessly together. The collection combines Amelia’s dark aesthetic with Sugarpill’s trademark velvety smooth eyeshadow formula.

Colors: Soot & Stars, Diamond Eyes, Elemental Chaos, Subterranean

If you want to know more, please click the link to go to the full review and loads of swatches.

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