Review: Catrice Miss Piggy’s BF

Time for another swatch/review blogpost about one of the newest additions to my nail polish collection. I bought this polish some time ago but I’m not sure if they still sell it in stores.

I love green nailpolishes and it was sold for half the price so I couldn’t resist and took it home with me. And I like the name, because it really is a kermit green polish!

Catrice Miss Piggy’s BF

I guess a bit of sand blew into the polish when I was applying it because on the picture below it looks a bit grainy and dirty. On the swatch on my nails you can see that it’s not usually like that.

It’s a nice creamy, bright green colour. It applies great, as most polishes do with a cream finish and covers in just 2 coats. And even though it’s not really a neon colour, it’s still one of those colours that catches the eye. I always get a lot of comments on it when I wear it.

I also made a swatch with glitter on the ringfinger. I like little details like that and because it’s a bright colour I usually only apply it on one finger.

Somehow this polish just screams spring to me, probably because it’s such a fresh and bright colour. I really like it and it’ll probably become one of my go-to colours for sunny weather.

What do you think of this nailpolish? Anything you would wear? Do you ever wear bright colours like this? And do you ever use glitters for an accent nail?
Please let me know in the comments. 😀


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  1. Ja, ik zou hem zeker dragen en natuurlijk met een glitteraccent !!

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