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Spicy Chocolate

When I had just received my Kat von D palette from The Art Is Makeup and the amazing @#$%! from The Happy Housewife, I really wanted to combine these 2. That way I could see what they would do in my eyelids and how pigmented they were in action.

I really like the combination of these colours and somehow it made me think of chocolate milk with a little pepper. Hence the title.

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A Gift Basket With Liquid Gold

I wanted to do a simple look with Liquid Gold from MakeUp Geek and some brown colours. It makes for a pretty neutral look with colours like this but I always like having a flash of colour in them.
In this case, it’s the golden pigments from MakeUp Geek adding that little bit of extra.

I don’t own a lot of brown eyeshadows so I usually go for some of the browns in my Sleek palettes and those eyeshadows never let me down.

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Saint Asteria

Some time ago, Sugarpill Cosmetics released a brand spankin’ new colour. And it’s Limited Edition too!!! I was pretty much giving up on the idea I’d be able to get my hands on it.  Until Denise from Harajuku Girl Beauty asked if anyone was interested in sharing one of these gorgeous pigments. HELL YEAH!!

I received the pigment about a week later and it is sooooo stunning. I paired it with a new palette I got from a giveaway by The Art Is Makeup. It’s a Kat von D palette called Saint and I absolutely adore it.
I’ll probably review the palette (and maybe the pigment) later. Let me just show you the look I made with it right now.

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Review: Catrice Miss Piggy’s BF

Time for another swatch/review blogpost about one of the newest additions to my nail polish collection. I bought this polish some time ago but I’m not sure if they still sell it in stores.

I love green nailpolishes and it was sold for half the price so I couldn’t resist and took it home with me. And I like the name, because it really is a kermit green polish!

Catrice Miss Piggy’s BF

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Where did the pictures go?


As some of you may have noticed, my blog doesn’t show any pictures right now. I’ve been using a free version of Photobucket and usually things go great but lately my blog has been a bit too popular. I never thought I would have that problem…

Anyway, I’ve exceeded the bandwidth of my account so right now stuff just doesn’t work. I might get a paid account to prevent this from happening in the future but I’m just not sure. This only happens every half year or something. So I took the blogpost offline again and might try to fix the problem and if I can’t then… you’ll just have to wait until the 8th of this month because then a new banwidth-month begins.

For now: Sorry!!!

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