Review: hair extensions from 1001extensions

A while ago I was contacted by 1001extensions. They asked me if I wanted to try their hair extensions and write a review in return. I’ve never had real hair extensions and I was actually thinking about getting some for a while so this was a good opportunity to try it out.

If you want to know my experiences with these hair extensions or with the webshop, click the link and read my review!

My contact from 1001 extensions asked me to pick the kind of extensions I wanted to try, so I picked a pack with clips because I wasn’t looking for anything difficult or permanent to apply. These seemed to fit the purpose I had in mind.
I was a bit hesitant at first to order with them because they didn’t have my hair colour in their range of extensions. They have 12 colours so if you’re looking for a colour that’s a little less regular, chances are you won’t find your colour. However, the website said the product is made from real hair and I can dye these extensions if I want to and that made a lot of difference to me.

At first I didn’t know what to expect, but after exploring their website a little more I found out I would receive a pack of extensions with 7 bands. They told me if I had really thick hair, I would get 2 packs but that was not necessary because I actually have quite fine hair.

I waited for about a week and then got my package delivered to me by DHL. It had to come from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates so that explained why it took the product a week to arrive. In that week I also got a tracking number from my contact at 1001 extensions so I could keep track of my package.
So far, I was happy with the service they provided.

The moment I got the clip in extensions I saw the colour was WAY too light for my hair. But I already expected that, so that’s ok.
However, I was a bit disappointed to see two of the clips were broken and a third clip just doesn’t close when I push it. I understand these clips can break if you use them, that makes sense to me. It’s really too bad but stuff like that happens. But this is not just 1 clip, it’s 3. That’s a bit much to me. Since they provide you with 2 extra clips if they break, I am already 1 clip short.

My best guess was that the clips got damaged during their trip to holland. I know postal services usually don’t handle packages with a lot of Tender Love and Care and this is probably the effect it has on the clips. At first I was really surprised and a bit disappointed a company would not protect their products during shipping. When I mailed them about it, they asked me of the package had been repacked by customs. Then I started searching again and under another sticker I found information that customs indeed unpacked my extensions and didn’t wrap them back. So that explains why my extensions were damaged.
I think it’s a real shame customs is so careless with products they unwrap, but it’s not 1001 extensions’ fault. They were kind enough to send me more clips so I could replace the broken ones.

You get 70 grams of hair on the package and that’s a good amount. It’s not a huge amount of hair, but enough for most people. If you have very thick or very very little hair, you might want to choose an extra pack because otherwise you get a bit of a sad amount of hair dangling under your own length. On the other side: these 7 bands already make my head full of clips. So putting 2 of these packs in your hair might be a big challenge, if it’s possible at all.

I had to upload this blogpost within a month so I didn’t have time to dye the extensions for this first blogpost. I’ll dye them later and I’ll definitely show you the result. For now, I put them in my hair with the lighter colour, just to show you what they look like and how they blend in my own hair.

It’s funny because I thought this would look ridiculous with 2 different colours of red, but I kinda like it. It looks a little bit like ombre hair!

As you can see I put my hair up because I was experimenting with what I liked and I’m not that experienced with putting in these clips yet. It really takes some getting used to, I’ll have to practice this some more to get it to blend in better. But with these pictures you do get a good idea of the product that you get for your money.
I also made a picture with my hair down, to me it looks a bit less natural because you can see the difference in colour better: the top is dark and suddenly the bottom part of the hair is a lot lighter. But once I get them in the same colour as my own hair that will probably look a lot better.

Like I said: you can get 12 different colours of extensions and they’re all pretty natural colours. I’ve done a lot of reading up on extensions with real hair and I learned they always feel a bit dry, especially the bottom parts of the hair. That’s true for the extensions I got too. However, they are easy to brush through and the curly ones have a nice natural wave to them.

You can also get the extensions styled and with those extensions you can get different lengths, the wavy style only comes in 1 length and that’s 50 cm. Naturally, the shorter ones are cheaper. The pack I chose costs €54,90 and for real hair that’s actually not very expensive.
On the website you can see they also sell extensions with rings, keratine extensions and weaves.

I personally thought their website was a bit difficult to sort through. And I would have liked some more product pictures, how-to pictures (of the real deal, not just a drawing of how you’re supposed to place them on your head) and stuff like that.
However, the website it looks very slick and professional this way and I think that’s the look they’re going for. For noobs in extensionland it takes a bit more time to figure it all out. But none the less: nice extensions, nice customer service and I really like my new long locks!

I’m very happy with these extensions and I can’t wait to dye them and try them in my own colour. If you’re looking for a nice quality of clip in hair extensions I hope you’ll take a look at the 1001 extensions website. Their service was really good and I’m glad they sorted out the problem with the clips as fast as they did.

What do you think? Ever thought about getting extensions? Would you consider getting them from 1001 Extensions?
Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. Ahhh it DOES look like ombre hair… 😀 and those waves actually work. You look goood with that long beachy hair!! 🙂

  2. I like it very much! 🙂

  3. 1001extensions is not a nice company!, I don’t know if you read the reviews on google , but some people have gotten extensions with lice eggs, or fiber hair, or never get them money back. It’s really terrible.

    • First of all: I think it’s a bit sad that you would leave a comment like this but not dare to mention your own name. If you’re going to have the courage to say something negative, at least state your own name.

      But other than that: I never reviewed about their overall performance to other people. I reviewed the product and the impression they gave ME. That’s what a personal review is all about. Loads of companies have treated their customers more or less negative in the present or past. I can not review that because that was not my experience and if I would put that in my review, it would be hearsay and that’s not the way I do business. To me, that is not the right way to review a company or a product. This is not a blog that includes gossip and other peoples negativity, it’s a blog about my personal experiences and those experiences were exactly as I wrote them down.

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