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Insomnia after a double espresso

I’ve been wearing this look a lot and even though I consider it a “subtle work look”, so no funny business with popping colours and glitter, I still like it enough to show it here.

I used MakeUp Geek pigments for most of the eyeshadow and because one of the pigments is duochrome, you still get your daily dose of colour with this combination.

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@#$%! the paparazzi!

I already told you about my new Sugarpill eyeshadow called @#$%! (what’s in a name?). I always like experimenting with colours I don’t wear on a daily basis and @#$%! is definitely one of those colours.

Because it’s a berry red colour with little silver sparkles in it, I thought it would be nice to combine it with a silver eyeshadow (a MakeUp Geek pigment) and different shades of red.
Red is not the easiest colour to wear as an eyeshadow and I like a good challenge. So I tried to make it wearable and dramatic at the same time.

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Review: hair extensions from 1001extensions

A while ago I was contacted by 1001extensions. They asked me if I wanted to try their hair extensions and write a review in return. I’ve never had real hair extensions and I was actually thinking about getting some for a while so this was a good opportunity to try it out.

If you want to know my experiences with these hair extensions or with the webshop, click the link and read my review!

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Review: Sugarpill @#$%!

Some time ago I entered a giveaway on The Happy Housewife. It was a giveaway for the Limited Edition eyeshadow @#$%! from Sugarpill.
As you may know I’m a huge fan of Sugarpill eyeshadows so getting the chance to win a Limited Edition eyeshadow from that brand was just too good to be true. So I entered the competition and to my big surprise, I won!!

In this blogpost I’m just going to show it off. You can probably get it in some places but it’s not easy to come by so I’m very happy to call myself the owner of this beauty.
A big thank you to Happy Housewife Linda, also the owner of webshop Enchantra, for doing this giveaway!

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Tutorial: Rockchick From A Galaxy Far Away

A long long time ago I did *this* look and I got a lot of questions on Facebook and Twitter for a tutorial. It didn’t take me a lot of time to make the pictures but I’ve been procrastinating to write the text.

Anyway, it’s done now and I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s not very difficult and you can make it with other products too. As long as you have a black eyeshadow and some glitter eyeshadows or a glitterliner it should work just fine.

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