Tutorial Peacock Made Of Liquid Gold

I made this tutorial because I wanted to use some more of my MakeUp Geek products together and these colours combine fantastic!

It’s really not such a different look from all the other ones I made a tutorial for, especially because it’s with a glitterliner again. But I still hope you enjoy it.

As usual, start with a clean eyelid. I always have to make sure I remove any leftover cream or something because my eyelids tend to get very oily, but just do as you normally would.

I used an eyeshadow base from Hema and an eyeshadow stick from Gosh. An eyeshadow stick stay’s a bit sticky and that way the pigments stick better to the eyelid. you can also use any cream eyeshadow or a NYX Jumbo Eyepencil if you like those better. Just make sure you use as little as possible otherwise it will crease.

This is Makeup Geek Liquid Gold, I applied it to the inner eyecorner and spread the colour out to about half of the moving eyelid.

Like this.

After that I used Sugarpill Junebug pigment. I applied that to the outer corner of the moving eyelid, next to Liquid Gold. Try to blend the colours a bit. When I cropped the pictures I saw my blending left a bit to be desired… oops!

Like this.

This is MakeUp Geek Peacock, a beautiful blue toned dark teal. It’s matte and I always like matte colours in the crease. Apply it lightly and build up the colour instead of using too much right away. That way it get’s blended better.


Next I applied a white eyeshadow, also from MakeUp Geek. It’s alled White Lies and I like to use this one as a highlighter below my brow. That way the colour in the crease get’s blended a bit more and with all the shimmery and glittery fun on the eyelid, it doesn’t need to have shimmer.

After that I used this MakeUp Store glitterliner galled Kayo, lovely teal glitter!

put some on your finger and dab it onto the eyelid, I concentrated on the outer half of the eyelid and a little in the crease.

Then I used a dark green eyepencil from Gosh called Woody Green.

I applied that near the lower lashline.

On top I used the same pigments as I used on the moving eyelid. So Liquid Gold on the inner half and Junebug on the outer half.

Should look something like this.

Then I used a black gelliner from Catrice called Black Jack with Jack Black. I applied it with a very small brush.

First draw a line close to your upper lashline.

Then draw a wing.

After that, connect the lines so they look like one smooth line.

After that, apply black to your waterline. I usually use Gosh Kohl / Eyeliner but you can also use the gelliner, it stays on the waterliner a little better.

Here’s what it looks like up to now.

Now curl your lashes and use mascara.

Finished on the eyes!

I used these products on my face but you can use any routine you’re used to.

I also used this Matt Lip Cream from Essence, it’s a really pretty colour and I like the matte effect.

Some pitcures of the result. You can see more pictures in *this* blogpost.

Here’s that fullface picture again.

I hope this tutorial was helpful at all, of course you can always use different products. As long as they’re close to the products I used you should get pretty much the same result.

Please let me know in the comments if you like the tutorial, or maybe if you’re going to use it some day? 😀


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  1. Vicki N. Hammons

    Good Morning. This is beautiful and I love that you did a step-by-step tut. It is so helpful. And the MUG Liquid Gold is beautiful.

  2. It’just sooo pretty! (maybe a bit of an understatement 😉 ) Maybe you could teach me, mostly my make-up tries end up being a big messy blob of colour 😛 And I cannot put on eye-liner *lol*

  3. It’s so gorgeous! I realise I’ve left commenting a little “late” (to say the least!) but when this blog turned up in my email In-Box I was actually a bit busy having a “minor” surgery & it’s taken me some time to go through the last 3 weeks’ emails!
    Yes, I’d definitely love to try out this look – it’d be a great way to use up some my Illamasqua Liquid Gold for a start 🙂

    • I hope you’re back to healthy now, after your surgery?
      Not matter when you leave a comment, I always appreciate them! So thanks very much for that 😀 Good luck recreating this look!

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