My one-of-a-kind black holographic nailpolish

A long time ago I did a swap with 2 lovely ladies and they also put in some Spectraflair. I had to look it up because I’m not really into nail stuff other than pretty nailpolishes. But as it turns out, this awesome powder turns nailpolish into holographic nailpolish. And I do love me some holo polishes!

I wanted to try it with a black nailpolish. I have some polishes that claim to be a black holo but in reality they always turn out to be a grey, or at best dark grey, holographic polish instead of black.

I wasn’t sure if this would work because if nailpolish brands don’t get it done, I seriously doubted a baggy of spectraflair and black polish would do the trick. But since I had the stuff anyway, I just gave it a try.

Here’s the result under lamplight in the bottle.

Seriously full on awesomeness. Ok, in all honesty: I did cheat a little bit because I also added some Gosh Holographic Hero to the black polish. Just to make it a little less opaque black. After that I applied about a rice grain of spectraflair. And oh boy, am I happy with the result!

This is the nailpolish under lamplight, I made these pictures some time ago and I didn’t have nice sunlight. And we all know holo polishes are at their best in direct sun or lamplight. When there’s no direct light, I don’t see as many coloured glitters in it as you can see on this picture, but there’s still some colour in it.

It’s not a linear holo, which is a bit too bad because I love those. But I’m still very, very happy with my own, homemade black holographic nailpolish.

I also made a holographic topcoat with it but the spectraflair always goed to hte bottom of the bottle if I leave it for a day or longer. So you really have to shake the holographic powder through the nail polish, if you want to get a holographic effect from that one.

Other than that I didn’t really know what to do with this stuff so I gave it to my friend Wendy. When I told her about the spectraflair I just saw how excited she was about it, because these days it’s pretty hard to get. So I figured it would be a good person to give it to.
I did tell her that, if she figured out how to make a really special nailpolish, I would appreciate getting some from her. So who knows, maybe I’ll get more one of a kind holographic polish in the future. πŸ˜€

Have you ever used Spectraflair? What colour holo nailpolish would you have made with it?
Please let me know in the comments πŸ˜€


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  1. hmm appart dat hij niet lineair is als je op spectraflair googled zijn we het wel.
    Ik zou dat ik wat spectraflair in mijn bezit kon krijgen dan kwamen er aardig wat holo lakjes bij haha.

    • Ik denk dat het komt door Holographic Hero van Gosh, die is niet lineair. Ach ik vind het niet zo erg, ik ben allang blij met een Γ©chte zwarte holo πŸ˜€ Spectraflair is erg mooi spul maar het heeft een behoorlijke gebruiksaanwijzing. Werkt niet zo best ik cream lakjes, niet te veel gebruiken, ook niet te weinig, je moet eigenlijk een spulletje er bij gebruiken zodat de korrels niet naar de bodem van het potje verdwijnen en ga zo maar door. Maar als het lukt is dat erg leuk πŸ˜€

  2. very cute! ❀ 'em! πŸ˜€

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