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Quite Colorful Quetzal

I found this picture on Pinterest and I thought the colours were beautiful, colourful and rich but very natural at the same time because of the brown.

I decided to make a makeup look inspired by this little cutie from Guatamala. It’s called a Quetzal, by the way. Isn’t he adorable? He has a mohawk!

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Sunshine award

I got this award from Emily, the lovely girl behind Trick Me To Life. She gave me the Sunshine Award. Thank you so much Emily!

Sunshine awardIt was a long time ago since I did a tag and I always like the ones with little info or facts about the blogger so I was happy to get tagged for this one, even though I think I already did it once, but that was more than a year ago. 🙂

I’ll tell you about the rules:

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Tutorial Peacock Made Of Liquid Gold

I made this tutorial because I wanted to use some more of my MakeUp Geek products together and these colours combine fantastic!

It’s really not such a different look from all the other ones I made a tutorial for, especially because it’s with a glitterliner again. But I still hope you enjoy it.

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Peacock made of liquid gold

I have been on a “liquid Gold high” for a few weeks now after I reviewed the pigments for you, this is another combination of MakeUp Geek’s Liquid Gold pigment combined with green. I also added MakeUp Geek Peacock which is a dark blue-green colour and I also used some teal glitters.

I had enough time to also do a tutorial for this look but it’ll take me some time to get that blogpost ready for you guys. In the meantime I hope you like this look!

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My one-of-a-kind black holographic nailpolish

A long time ago I did a swap with 2 lovely ladies and they also put in some Spectraflair. I had to look it up because I’m not really into nail stuff other than pretty nailpolishes. But as it turns out, this awesome powder turns nailpolish into holographic nailpolish. And I do love me some holo polishes!

I wanted to try it with a black nailpolish. I have some polishes that claim to be a black holo but in reality they always turn out to be a grey, or at best dark grey, holographic polish instead of black.

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