Review: 3 Concept lipstick

Some time ago Born Pretty Store was doing a Twitter giveaway and I won one of the prizes! It’s always a nice surprise to be able to try new stuff, right?

I received some nailart products and this lipstick, from a brand I wasn’t familliar with. It’s from 3 Concept Eyes and I guess it’s a Chinese brand, since the webshop is Chinese and simply because I can’t read anything that’s written on it, lol.

With this package, the people from Born Pretty Store also gave me a 10% off coupon for you lovely shopping addicts out there. If you’re going to order anything in their store, make sure you use the code  LBGW10, mmmkay?

So, enough spammin’. Let’s get to some pictures. I didn’t get to choose a colour of lipstick and that was fine by me because I already own so much lipstuff that anything new is just fun. I really like the packaging though.

I don’t know if this lipstick colour has a name or anything because I can’t read that. If it does: please let me know in the comments! 😀 But it’s number 10, that much I know.

When I opened it I thought it looked awesome, Really, really bright pink! I also made a picture of the ingredients. You can see it *here*.

The top swatch is made with just 1 stroke on my arm, the bottom swatch was made after I tried to build up the colour a bit. The lipstick is very smooth and feels soft on my lips. I really like how it feels and it makes my lips feel soft, like a lipbalm. Meanwhile the colour is pretty vibrant so I think that’s just good all around.
The downside of those soft lipsticks is that they loose colour on the lips pretty fast if you eat or drink something. But I guess I just have to re-apply every once in a while.

I also made a swatch on my lips.

No lipstick

Swatch on my lips with Concept Eyes Lipstick number 10

It’s a really bright pink colour but a cool toned kind of pink. I alsmost never wear colours like this but I do actually like it, a lot! It does take some getting used to, though because I almost always wear red lipstick and not pink.

What do you think of this lipstick? It’s available in 12 different colours and I really like it, really awesome colour and nice soft application. It costs $5,38 which is an ok price. Would I order another colour myself? Honestly, no. But that’s because I rarely spend any money on lipproducts these days because, like I said, I already have so much.
The price would be holding me back a bit too because I like lipsticks that last a little longer on the lips. However, this lipstick is a real hit for those who like to give their lips a good colour but get dry lips fast.

I love this colour and I’ll try to make a look with it soon. What do you think of this colour? Would you wear it? What do you prefer in a lipstick? Something that moisturizes your lips or something that lasts a little longer?
Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. What a wonderful prize! Love the blast of colour:)

  2. Mina Holliday

    That is actually Korean!

  3. Oh wow! This color is so fun! 😀

  4. 3 Concept Eyes is a makeup brand launched by StyeNanda and they sell a lipstick for $19.71. This brand is very famous and known for its quality. Besides a big difference in price, the package of 3CE from China (bornprettystore and other Chinese online store) and from stylenanda is also different. I think we should be aware that the one from China might not be authentic.

  5. this colour too nice..omg!!

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