Early Spring tutorial

Like I said in the blogpost about this look: I also made a tutorial for it!

It took me a while to get it finished but here it finally is. I’m just glad I finished it before spring is over because I tend to put things like these off: they’re a lot more work than a blogpost about a look. I hope you like it!

As usual, make sure your eyelid is clean and oil free.

I used a primer on my eyelid to make sure the eyeshadow doesn’t crease. After that I used a Gosh Waterproof Mineral Eyeshadow Stick. It’s basically a cream eyeshadow. Those stay a little creamy and “sticky” and that way pigments stay in place better and their colour also becomes more vibrant.

I used a bright yellow pigment, this is MAC Golden Lemon.

I placed it in the inner corner of my eye, a little below the eye too.

After that I used this pigment by Gosh called Sunstone. It’s a light salmon colour with a strong gold shimmer. Really lovely!

I applied Sunstone next to Golden Lemon, on the moving eyelid.

Then I used Sugarpill’s Weekender, which is a lovely lilac colour with loads of shimmer and sparkle.

Use Weekender on the outer corner of the moving eyelid and make sure you blend it with Gosh Sunstone.

After that I used my Sleek Bad Girl palette because with all these light colours I was in desperate need of something darker to make this look more intense.

From the Sleek Bad Girl palette I used the colour Twilight. It’s an awesome dark purple with a beautiful shimmer, unlike the other purple colour in the palette.
You can also use the matte colour from the palette, that gives you a little less shimmer. Shimmer emphasizes any creases in the skin, so if your skin is ehm… more mature, you might want to go for the matte version. 😉 It’s really up to you.

I applied the Twilight colour in the crease and took it a little up to the brow.

Blend, because harsh edges are a no-no. 🙂

And I used a matte off-white colour for under the brow. Because I already have so much shimmer going on I didn’t want to add more shimmer under the brow.

If you over do it with the shimmer, sometimes it looks a bit too much like you want to be a contestant in RuPaul’s Drag Race. 😉

I used Bring Me Frosted Cake from Catrice as a highlight. You can also blend the purple a little more with this eyeshadow.

Then I took Gosh Gold dust pigment and applied that with a slanted brush just under the brow. That way it’s not shimmer all over but the brow does get a nice golden touch of highlight.


After that I used this glitter eyeliner from Sleek, but you can use any green or yellow glitter. I wanted to use something more grass green but Ididn’t have the right colour. Anything goes, really. 🙂

Just put some glitter on your finger and dab it over the moving part of the eyelid.

I tried to stay away from the purple parts of the eyeshadow.

Next: eyeliner. I used the black gelliner from Catrice called Black Jack with Jack Black with a fine brush.

I first drew a line along my lashes and after that I winged it out a bit.

I also used a black eyepencil from Gosh to use on the waterline. You can also use a white one of you want the look a little lighter and more wearable for daytime.

Last step are the lashes. Curl ’em and use some mascara.

I also used some products for my face, some foundation, concealer and blush.

I used a simple pink lipgloss from Catrice, this is one of those “my lips but better” colours.

And here’s the result.

You can find some more pictures of the result *here*.

Here’s one fullface pictures just to show you what it looked like.

Hope you like it, I really like these “opposite colour” looks.

Will you try out this look? What do you think of it? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Heel leuk! Ga ik misschien ook wel eens proberen.

  2. Very pretty! 😀

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