MakeUp Geek pigments: swatches, review, the works…

Some time ago I got an email from one of the people of MakeUp Geek, asking me if I wanted to try out their brand spankin’ new pigments. Needless to say I was so excited I found myself making all kinds of squeaky noises.

The package arrived very quick, I was counting on a couple of weeks before it would get delivered, because that’s what happened the last time. But I had it in my hands the end of the same week! *Squeee*

I made a lot of pictures. Not just of the swatches but also of the packaging, because a lot of people are curious about stuff like that too. Overseas shipping packages sometimes need a litle more care. As you can see the packaging from MakeUp Geek is really good. Not only are the pigments wrapped in bubble paper but the box is also filled with “popcorn”, to make sure everything arrives in a very good condition.

Make sure you got some time when you click this link because this post is really, really picture heavy…

Like I said, the pigments are wrapped in bubble paper, which I think is a good thing because sometimes I swear my mailman plays soccer with my packages or something. This way the products really can’t be harmed.

The box of the pigment is also cute, and as you can see these pigments contain 1,4 grams. More than enough, in my humble opinion.

I know a lot of people don’t care about this information but if you want to know what ingredients are in these pigments you can click *here* because I made a picture of it. 🙂

Aren’t they pretty?

The pigments come in these jars, the label you can see through the hole in the box is obviously on the bottom of the jar. As usual with pigments.

They’re also sealed with plastic to make sure the lid doesn’t come off.

Love these jars, very simple and elegant. Very pretty. You don;t always need a lot of decorating to make a product look nice.

The only thing I can tell you I think could be improved: the jars don’t have a sifter.
This basically means you’ll spill some of the product when you open the jars. That’s a shame if you ask me, a simple sifter can prevent the product from spilling out when you open the lid. You also pick up less pigment with your brush if jars have a sifter, which prevents a lot of fall out.

So please, MakeUp Geek peepz, get us sifters for these lovely pigments!!

There are 10 colours available in the MakeUp Geek store right now, I don’t know if they’re going to make more. I guess it also depends on how these products are going to sell, of course. I sure hope there will be more in the future, these pigments are fantastic quality.

On to swatches! The pictures basically tell it all. I made swatches both in sunlight, because it shows the lovely sparkle and shimmer of the eyeshadow. But also in the shadow because I think that also gives a realistic idea of what the eyeshadow looks like indoors.

All swatches were made on a simple base, so no tricks to make the eyeshadow look more pigmented or anything like that.
But keep in mind: pigments work best on a base or primer that’s a little bit sticky (like a cream eyeshadow or a NYX Jumbo Pencil) that way you get less fall out and the colour is at it’s best.

Enchanted is a gorgeous pinkish red pigment with a dash of purple and a beautiful shimmer. After I wrote this blogpost I looked up the descriptions of the eyeshadows in the webshop and they call it plummy. I think that’s the best description for this colour. 🙂
This eyeshadow works fantastic on blue and green eyes but also gives warmth to brown eyes. Because the colour is more pink than red, it doesn’t give you that “cry baby” look that some reds can give.

Enchanted, swatched in shadow

Enchanted, swatched in sunlight

New Years Eve is a light colour that almost matches my skin. It also has a gorgeous and very fine golden microglitter in it. The glitter falls all over the place when you apply the eyeshadow but they don’t fall out of the eyeshadow as you blend it.
I think this eyeshadow will work fantastic with brown colours or even as a highlight below the brow if you’re creating an evening look.

New Years Eve, swatched in sunlight

New Years Eve, swatched in shadow

Liquid Gold turned into my absolute favourite when I swatched it. You know how I always say Goldilux from Sugarpill is the best gold eyeshadow out there? I didn’t think it was possible but I think this one bumped Goldilux down to number 2 of my favourite golden eyeshadows! I made a comparison between the 2 at the end of this blogpost. 😉

It’s a darker gold that really lives up to it’s name, it’s smoldering, it’s sooooo very vibrant and rich. It should work fantastic with brown colours but if you pair it with some other colours I’m sure that’ll work too because this pigment just turn’s any look into gold. 😀

Liquid Gold, swatched in sunlight

Liquid Gold, swatched in shadow

Paparazzi is a really dark grey eyeshadow, at first I thought it was black but it’s more of a charcoal smokey grey. And glitter, it has very small silver glitter in it! This glitter is not as fine as the glitter in New Years Eve is and it does fall out a bit when I blend this colour but you never lose all the silver glitter. 
But it really is gorgeous and very pigmented.

Paparazzi, swatched in sunlight

Paparazzi, swatched in shadow

Sweet Dreams is one of those colours that drives the lovers for neutral looks crazy. It’s a light skintone with a beautiful shimmer that makes this eyeshadow soft and lovely.
I applied it very lightly on my cheeks as a highlighter and that works amazing too. This one is multi talented!

Sweet Dreams, swatched in sunlight

Sweet Dreams, swatched in shadow

Birthday Wish is stuck somewhere between being orange, red and gold and I think it’s just a stunning colour.
At first I thought it looked a lot like Enchanted but it’s way more orange than that one. A very warm colour that probably looks good with a lot of people because it works good on both yellow and pink toned skin.

Birthday Wish, swatched in sunlight

Birthday Wish, swatched in shadow

When I looked at the swatches on the MakeUp Geek website I thought Insomnia was the most captivating of all these pigments. Obviously it was a duochrome pigment and I love those.
It’s a gorgeous red-ish/brown base with a blue shimmer. Ring a bell? Anybody? The moment I swatched it, I knew I had a dupe for it. You can see which one at the end of this blogpost, I think you know to which one I’m referring. 😉

Insomnia, swatched in sunlight

Insomnia, swatched in shadow

I also made a picture of it from a different angle, it shows the duochrome effect better.

Insomnia duochrome

Afterglow is another one of those colours I find typically Marlena because I always have this idea she loves her neutral colours that have something special. This one has exactly that. It’s a lovely warm beige colour with a bright shimmer. Very suitable for daily/neutral looks but because of the shimmer it has that something extra that makes your look pop just a little more.

Afterglow, swatched in sunlight

Afterglow, swatched in shadow

Prince Charming is one of those grey or smokey silver colours I both have ánd use a lot because it just works with any outfit, any eyecolour and any kind of lipstick. It’s a metallic colour and it’s one of those eyeshadows you can easily work into any look. Not much else I can say about it, it’s simply superpretty 😀

Prince Charming, swatched in sunlight

Prince Charming, swatched in shadow

Utopia is a pigment I’m still not sure about. When I first opened the jar and I saw the “flakes” in it, I wasn’t sure if this was going to work. Then I swatched it and I was surprised at how it wasn’t as glittery as I expected and it looked so gorgeous in the sunlight. It also looks duochrome because it has a dark brown base but with a lot of gold in it. But it just keeps looking a bit flakey and like some of the gold is about to peel off. Just look at the swatches and I think you’ll see what I mean. It reminds me a bit of certain MAC pigments. I like it a lot but I still have to see this one in action a little more before I can make up my mind about it. I do think it looks very unique and I like that, especially because it doesn’t have the buckets of fall out I was expecting.

Utopia, swatched in sunlight

Utopia, swatched in shadow

Another picture that shows the duochrome effect this one has. I hope you see the strange structure it has. Very special!


I’m in love with these pigments! I’m so very grateful I got to try them out and I really hope MakeUp Geek will make more colours. How about some purples and greens? Because I do miss those colours a bit among these 10 pieces of pigmenty goodness. But no matter what, I’m excited about the colours MakeUp Geek Marlena and her team made. They did a really, really good job!

I made some comparisons too because I thought the lighter colours looked a bit alike so I swatched them next to each other to show you the difference. I like how they all have the beige skincolour but the finish is different on each of them.

Goldilux has been my favourite gold pigment since I own it, but when I saw the two of them together Goldilux actually looked a but dull compared to Liquid Gold, isn’t that funny. I always thought gold eyeshadows couldn’t get any better than Goldilux!
Some people asked me for a comparison between the two, so here it is:

The only thing I like more about Goldilux is the sparkles in it, but I like the colour of Liquid Gold better. My collegue just said it’s almost a bit greenish gold. Pretty!

And Insomnia reminded me A LOT of MAC Blue Brown, here’s a comparison between those. Jup, dupe alert!

These are absolute dupes, and the MUG one is a lot cheaper! I’ve seen a lot of pigments that looked almost the same as Blue Brown but never really hitting the exact same note. Insomnia, however, does exactly that.

I adore all these pigments and I’ll make looks soon to show you how they look in action.
You can buy all these pigments in the MakeUp Geek store and they cost $6,99 a piece. The quality is amazing, pigmentation is fantastic and I used most of them in a look and they didn’t fade and blended very easily.

Which colour is your favourite? And what do you think of Liquid Gold? Would you buy any of these pigments?
Please let me know in the comments!


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    • Ja hè? Ik ben er ook helemaal gek op. Soms pak ik ze er gewoon bij om even naar te staren hahaha. Dan weet je dat je makeup verslaafd bent 😉

  1. Oei dat ziet er goed uit! Insomnia, liquid gold en Utopia <3!!!

  2. Ik ga me nu al verheugen op de looks die je met deze beauties gaat maken:)

    • Ik doe mijn best, ik moet nog een keer tijd vinden om er echt iets uitgebreids mee te doen maar hier komen inderdaad wel looks mee binnenkort 😀

  3. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to spend on the MUG Pigments now….But when I do, I will have this review with me! Thank you! 😀

  4. Thank you for giving such an in-depth review!
    I have to say that as soon as I can possibly afford it (the shipping, primarily!) I’ll definitely be getting Enchanted & Utopia. Most are simply beautiful though 🙂

    • You are so very welcome, thanks for commenting on it. I was afraid I was over-doing it with this many pictures! Good luck saving up for your pigments, they’re worth it!

  5. Liquid Gold is okay, but nowhere near as nice as Goldilux. It’s too… yellowey? Harsh? I dunno, I just don’t like it much.
    Insomnia is absolutely gorgeous! I love the duochrome effect, so cool. Paparazzi and Prince Charming are also quite nice. Thanks for swatching these, it’s always nice to see what it looks like on skin.

  6. Ik ben benieuwd naar de verzend kosten!

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