Review: Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream

I don’t do a lot of reviews but I’m thinking about doing it a bit more often. I got a lot of (new) products from Catrice, Essence and Kruidvat and I know a lot of people enjoy reading them so I figured it would be nice to do for a change.

I wanted to start of with this new lip product from Essence. I love matte lipsticks so I had my eye on this product the moment I saw the promopictures. And it comes in this insanely vibrant red called Silky Red, among three others, so it basically screamed my name.

It’s actually between a lipgloss because of the way you apply it and a lipstick. It has one of those doe foot applicators, I like those a lot because when you apply it with them, it’s a lot more precise than a lipstick.

But usually lip glosses are a lot more sheer, and with this colour I really wanted it to pop. In the tube it looks pretty covering, but looks can be deceiving, I’ve learned over the past. And soft matt, what do they mean with that? Is it matt or not? Does it stay soft on the lips or does it dry up? I didn’t know what to expect and the packaging didn’t help me a whole lot.

However, this stuff is AWESOME!! Sooooo bright red and it covers my lips in 1 coat. I even had to make sure I applied it thin so it would get that matt finish, there’s a bit much on the applicator at times and I really have to make sure I begin in the middle of my lips so I can press them together to apply it really thin.

Here’s the swatch on my arm.

Now that’s red. Or firetruck red, as we call it. 🙂 Can you see the bottom part? that’s the thickest part and if you keep it on your lips like that it doesn’t really turn matt the way it’s supposed to do, and it also bleeds when you apply too much. So make sure you apply it as thin as possible.

I also did a swatch on my lips to give a good comparison of howgood this stuff covers in 1 coat. I made the swatch a bit where it didn’t hit the light because that somehow drove my camera insane and made the colour appear more orange.

I absolutely love this colour and this product. I need more, Essence MOOOAAARRRR!!!!!
Especially more colours because they now have 2 light nudish, pinkish colours that really don’t do it for me (check out Linnes’ swatch for one of those, you’ll immediately see why I wouldn’t buy that colour. Way too orange) and a bright fuchsia and I don’t wear that (a lot) either. How about the Essence people get to work on a purple colour, or dark red? Or more dark pinkish brown? I could definitely work with that. 😀

The quality of this product is fantastic, application works fabulous and it stay’s on my lips for hours. I wore it the day I wrote this review for 5 hours, including several drinks and after 5 hours it held on perfectly. It does stain glasses, cups, food and boyfriends (or girlfriends) but lipsticks do the same thing and even fade more than this one does.
Oh, and more good news: my lips get dry easily and this Lip Cream did a good job because it didn’t dry out my lips at all.

The price? Pfffrt, not even mentionable: this Lip Cream costs €1,99 in our local drugstores. It’s a win-win!


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  1. Ohhhh i’m with you on that, they need a purple in these, AND a red. I’d love to read reviews on your blog, because I know they’ll be honest and that you actually use the products.

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