Hummingbird Villain

For some time I had this look in mind. 
Originally, I wanted to make it with my matte 88 palette. But when I got started I just found out that those colours didn’t really match what I had in mind. So I took it all off and started over with some Sleek palettes and 1 from Sugarpill. Not only did the colours match what I had in mind but the pigmentation of those shadows is just so much better than the 88 palette I own.

I only used 1 colour from the Mediterranean palette but hey… it was essential! I like the shimmer it gives to the look, they can’t all be matte. 😉 And even now the biggest part of the look is matte, lol.

I used dark matte lipstick for this look. Most people would probably go for a nude lip but I hadn’t worn the lipstick from my Sleek Berry collection that much yet and I really wanted to try it.

I can now tell you it’s most definitely NOT my favourite matte lipstick. This one is pretty dry when you apply it and even the smallest flake on dry lips really shows. But when it’s on, it stays on for a good while and I think the colour is awesome but application is not the easiest among matte lipsticks.

You like? I have a tutorial for this look coming up, I’m about half way done editting it so it could take me some time getting it online. But as long as you know it’s in the pipelines I guess that’s better than nothing, right? 🙂

What do you think of the colour combination? And am I the only one who was completely crazy about a makeup product in the past and these days it’s just not as good as I remember? I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed I just didn’t like my matte 88 palette as much as I used to. I even think I might throw it out. What’s the use in keeping something if you’re not going to use it anyway?

Tell me, any products that just don’t do it for you the way they used to in the past? And what do you think of this look? Let me know in the comments 😀


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